5 Reasons Why Breakfast is the Most Important Meal of the Day

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We’re all guilty of skipping breakfast for various reasons. Some of us want to lose weight, others wake up at noon, and most of us just don’t have the time with our busy routines to indulge in a healthy breakfast to start off our day. Whatever the reason might be, we tend to forget that without this specific meal, we are more incomplete than we know.

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Here are five reasons why you should not miss breakfast!

1.      It helps you lose weight

Having breakfast makes you feel full which limits snacking throughout the day. To lose weight one needs to consume fewer calories than they burn, and having a nutritious breakfast can help you do just that.

Note: Even after a well-balanced breakfast, if you overeat, binge-eat or believe that you can't stop eating, you may have an eating disorder.

Man suffering from insomnia indulging in late night snacks.
Late night snacking is a big NO-NO!

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2.      It helps prevent diabetes and heart disease

Regularly skipping breakfast is linked to heart disease and other neurological issues. According to the statistics, a person who repeatedly doesn’t consume breakfast has a whopping 87% chance of suffering a stroke than a person who does have it. Moreover, this meal helps regulate and keep your blood sugar levels stable, hence avoiding diabetes which is a lifelong disease and causes further health complications.

3.      It stimulates brain activity

Want to be more productive and get more achieved in a day? Need to exercise your full potential? Want to work more efficiently and effectively? Have breakfast! That’s right, the first meal of the day helps boost metabolism, provides energy to the body and helps with retaining information. According to a survey that measured the cognitive ability of people who missed breakfast, more than 81% of those individuals reported feeling tired and sleepy throughout the day. They also had a poor memory.

An intelligent American child.
Never let your child go to school without breakfast!

Hakeem’s advice: Having breakfast means having a meal rich in nutrients, fibers, and minerals – a meal that completes your body’s requirements. A jam-filled muffin, very sugary cereal, donuts and leftover pizza don’t count as a good breakfast!

4.      It elevates your mood

Woke up feeling blue? Need the energy to face a tough day at work? Have a long chore list planned for the day? Whatever mood-killing situation might come your way, a scrumptious breakfast can help control mood swings and keep you content and satisfied.

Hakeem Fact: Balaleat is a traditional sweet and salty Emirati dish. It is one of the most popular breakfast options in Dubai.

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5.      It helps you make healthier food choices throughout the day

If you have a fulfilling breakfast, chances are that you’ll be having a balanced lunch and dinner. Research tells that eating a wholesome meal in the morning has an impact on the food choices that are made later in the day. Moreover, it also suggests that breakfast eaters have more milk and fiber-rich foods than those who skip it.

Comparison of a broccoli and a doughnut.
It's like a video game! The leafy green spikes up energy levels and the pink doughnut makes you fat and slow!

Hakeem’s Advice: Whilst it may be difficult to switch your routine and incorporate a morning meal in it, it is not impossible! There are many healthy and quick breakfast options that you can find on the internet. Visiting a good dietitian is beneficial as you can get a personalized breakfast plan based on your body’s unique needs!

Now that you know the importance of breakfast, go whip that omelet, flip that banana pancake, warm up that bowl of oatmeal and gobble down your favorite fruit!


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5 Reasons Why Breakfast is the Most Important Meal of the Day
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