5 Tips for Weight Loss in Ramadan | Ramadan 2020 in the UAE

/ Ramadan 2020

Every year, Muslims in the UAE look forward to Ramadan – the month of blessings and forgiveness. It brings them together and they rejoice in hope in front of the Almighty by fasting for thirty days. Like all years, Ramadan 2020 has excited many, however, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, it will have many changes which have left the residents worried.

At this time, the preparations are in full swing but because of the restrictions set in place by the UAE government, individuals are not allowed to leave the house premises from 8 pm to 6 am.

This curfew might be in place for the entire Ramadan which means; Taraweeh inside our homes instead of mosques, no suhur and iftar gatherings, and no Ramadan-time festivities. Furthermore, only one individual is allowed to leave the house at a time, and mothers are stocking up on frozen food and sharbat to avoid going out during the next month.

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources issued a notice on Sunday saying that the working hours for the UAE residents will be five hours. The holy month in the UAE is expected to begin on Thursday, April 23rd and end on Saturday, 23rd May.

With all these external and uncontrollable changes in the place, you can also bring a controllable, healthy and happy change to your life this Ramadan. That’s right – you can finally shed those extra pounds and look great on Eid.

1.      Break the fast, not your calorie intake

We know how fried food and sweets drenched in sugary syrup can make you go astray. It always starts with ‘one bite’ and then leads to us having a plate and eventually gaining tremendous weight in thirty days. In Ramadan, your metabolism slows down so it is important to have a light and balanced iftar.

A great way to control your cravings is to have something light at the start, give yourself a break and then indulge in more after some time. Moreover, break your fast with a date because this way, your sugar level will stay stable and you won’t munch on much. If you’re not sure about how to eat according to your body’s needs, have a nutritionist make a unique personalized meal plan for you to follow.

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2.      Don’t have edibles that cause thirst

An omelet is good but a cheese omelet is bad. Similarly, foods rich in salt can increase thirst. You may feel fine and full after consuming them but after some hours, you’ll be very thirsty. Coffee, tea and high protein foods also fall on the same list. Having said that, keep yourself hydrated by having 8 glasses of water (2 at suhoor, 2 at iftar and 4 in the middle.)

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3.      Don’t skip suhur

You will not lose weight by skipping the morning meal. In fact, you’ll end up eating more in iftar, which will lead to weight gain. Don’t stress out your body and if you’re out of interesting suhoor food ideas, click here for easy, on-the-go recipes.

4.      Don’t drink sugar

Those chilled sodas, juices and cokes may quench your thirst but not only are they harmful for you, but they’ll also make it very hard for you to lose weight. They’re filled with calories and preservatives. Instead, opt for fresh juices, milk, homemade lemonade and water.

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5.      Include some physical activity

Do you know that with an empty stomach you can burn more calories? You’ll be burning twice the fat, and building immunity. If you can’t exercise vigorously, brisk walking can be beneficial too. Some people plan to walk after iftar, and though it shouldn’t be done right after eating, it can surely be done after an interval of time.

Here are some things which may prevent weight loss during Ramadan:

1.      Consuming too much sugar

2.      You’re starving yourself and slowing down your metabolism

3.      You’re not staying active

4.      You’re very stressed

5.      You’re binge eating

6.      You’re not sleeping well

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Whilst Ramadan is a great time to get fit, it is important to not overdo it, and enjoy the time because it’ll only come back after a year!


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5 Tips for Weight Loss in Ramadan | Ramadan 2020 in the UAE
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