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Life is returning to normal due to the vaccines rolling out, which means that we’ll all be back to the grind soon. The fun part is that it’s the start of a new school term which means a clean slate, lots of resolutions, a heap of motivation and exciting adventures. The new year can also bring out your new skin – yes, you heard that right. It’s time to get rid of that acne, the dryness, the oiliness, the open pores, the scarring and basically all skin-related issues that exist.

Keeping in mind Dubai’s weather, and puberty, here’s how teens can kick start their education without a single worry regarding their skincare:

Step 1: Understand your skin.

Most people use products without knowing how they impact the skin. This is not because the product is not worth it, it is because they do not understand their unique skin needs. It is vital to get your skin checked by a dermatologist to decipher its type and weaknesses if any. Products are for mass use and if a specific one works on your friend Sarah’s skin, it doesn’t mean that it will work on yours. A skin specialist can help determine the best product for your skin.

Hakeem Tip: Teenagers often develop skin issues due to hormonal changes and if not addressed, these problems can cause low self-esteem and depression.

Before and after of a teen boy with acne.
The wonders a good dermatologist can do!

Step 2: Cleanse away your worries.

Your skin needs cleaning and sometimes washing the face is just not enough. To cleanse is to dive deep into the pores and get rid of the impurities from makeup and dust clogged inside which can later cause disturbances. People tend to believe that if the skin appears clean, it is clean, whereas that is certainly not the case. You can use a soft, water-based cleanser to purify your skin, a scrub to exfoliate it and a face mask to brighten and sooth the skin’s surface. Remember to not scrub aggressively as it can cause soreness and dryness.

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Step 3: Understand that the mobile screen is dirtier than you think.

Do you know that your mobile device has more germs than the toilet seat? Yeap, that’s right. So avoid touching your face throughout the day at school and never pop zits even if you terribly want to. Your hands aren’t clean and popping almost always results in more pimples. Another tip for acne-free skin is to change your pillow cover often and make sure that your hair doesn’t cover your face.

Step 4: Hydrate yourself.

What will be inside you will show on your face. As they say, a healthy vegetable diet gives one radiant-looking skin. If you’re eating well, chances are that your skin will thank you for that. However, sometimes genetics and other medications get the better of our skin. In such circumstances, trust water blindly. Drink like your life depends on it. During every trip to the washroom, you’ll be flushing toxins out – leaving your skin supple and hydrated!

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Step 5: Treat your skin.

Your face deserves looking after. Once in a while treat it to a facial, a good homemade mask, an organic hack or maybe just a good night’s sleep. All these things are little vacations for your skin which help it stay young and fresh.

American girls discussing skin issues in the washroom.
Rule of thumb: Don't POP!

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Step 6: Protect your skin and it will protect you.

Yes, a no make-up, ‘I-woke-up-like-this’ look might be the trending thing for the year, but one does need to moisturize the skin and provide it with all its nutrients. When heading to school, no matter for how much time your skin is exposed to the sun, use sunscreen!

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What are your back-to-school skin hacks?


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Back to School Skin Care for Teenagers
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