Dr. Shireen Khalil: Raising The Bar for Dermatologists in Qatar

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How do we find a good dermatologist when they all claim to be good? Well, we look for those who have that spark. It’s a sensation you get when you speak to someone so humbly talented and profession, you feel the need to mingle with them more and more.

Your doctor shouldn’t just solve your health problems, they should be a caring friend, a loyal ally, an expert advisor. Dr. Shireen Khalil is exactly that person!

dr shireen khalil qatar dermatologist

Born, raised, studied, and trained in Syria, she is Al Kayyali Medical Center’s top dermatologist. She ranks high in popularity listings in Meddy as well. Patients who meet with her rarely ever give a bad review and she continuously offers her top tips to taking the best care of your skin.

With 20+ years’ experience in cosmetics and dermatology, she insists on putting the patients’ needs and wants above all else. “My experience has changed throughout time, as more and more people get into the idea of cosmetics and beauty. I’ve been in Qatar for 4 years now, and during this time, I’ve seen countless patients come and go to the center, but I always had my regulars,” said the consultant in Dermatology and Cosmetics.

Medication is the last thing Dr. Khalil thinks about when she discusses a patient’s treatment plan. “I have a close and personal relationship with all my patients to ensure that I understand their needs better. I always get my patients to understand what works for them and what doesn’t, people always want the quick treatment, but with me, they get the loyal treatment.”

Mixing cosmetics and beauty with medicine is tough these days with the increasing demand on beauty procedures, yet Dr. Khalil assures her patients that all her procedures follow a strict medical guide to ensure their safety.

“Lots of patients come to me and say that they have been to different centers where they received a cosmetic treatment without a doctor present, this will never happen with me. I must supervise each procedure and let the patient know what to expect from it.”

dr shireen kayyali medical in qatar skin doctor

Specializing in treatments for skin, hair, and nails, Dr. Khalil is versed with the technical terminology right when she discovers the reason behind a particular issue. She recalled a woman coming in with oily hair who said that she has started to lose her hair recently. Dr. Khalil examined her and promptly began to explain the situation after hearing the patient’s story. “She actually had a disease and I spent my time explaining it to her in the simplest way, then we made up a treatment plan together, and now she is a regular patient of mine.”

While listening to classical Arabic songs, Dr. Khalil spoke about the importance of comfort offered to her patients. “I ensure that all my patients get my personal contact details, and I specifically tell them if they are facing any issues, whether with their skin or dealing with the clinic, to contact me directly and I will be available to them.”

Everyone suffers from skin problems at some point during their life, whether it is acne, eczema, dryness, irritation, or even discoloration. Skin also extends to your scalp and can deeply effect your hair. **Get a consultation with Dr. Khalil [today]

Dr. Shireen Khalil: Raising The Bar for Dermatologists in Qatar
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