Employment Visa Medical Tests in Dubai | The Basics

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Working in Dubai is no less than a dream come true; the career aspects are promising, the city is progressing rapidly, and the rich, traditional heritage is just a cherry on top. People from across the world come and settle every year in the land of tall buildings and tourist attractions.

Hakeem Tip: If you’re not settled in Dubai, apply for a work visa. If you’ve got a job already, it’ll be easy to obtain the work visa and it can be granted on arrival. Some job seekers from chosen countries do not need a work visa whilst looking for a job for 90 days. For some, the rule is 30 days.

employment visa medical tests in Dubai
Medical tests in dubai

Here are the basics that you ought to know about employment visa medical tests in Dubai:

·        As a part of the residency visa process and the permission to work in Dubai, individuals are required to undergo a series of medical tests. If they pass these tests, they’re issued labor and heath cards.

·        The standard medical screening will test for diseases such as hepatitis, HIV, leprosy, and tuberculosis. These are mandatory for all applicators. Other tests such as syphilis, pregnancy, blood test, X-ray, might be required depending on the type of employment.

·        If the reports come back positive, the individuals are denied visa or are deported from UAE. If this happens, the individual can apply again after some time considering the disease has been cured and that he/she is not blacklisted.

·        If you’re settled in Dubai and you do not pass the TB screening, you’ll have to undergo full treatment and you cannot sponsor family members who have TB or TB scars.

·        In order to take the tests, the applicator will have to fill in forms in Arabic and submit it along with two passport photos, a receipt fee for the health card and the test fee.

·        These tests are present to make sure that the employee is deemed medically fit to work in Dubai. A requirement of the Federal Law, the testing procedure makes Dubai a healthy and disease-free environment to live in.

·        Some test results take 48 hours to arrive whilst others arrive on the date of the test.

·        Having a health card or a private health insurance policy is mandatory. Dubai’s finest doctors are available for online booking through Meddy.

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Employment Visa Medical Tests in Dubai | The Basics
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