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Imagine this: Your shiny silky hair – the kind fingers can run through, flying with the early spring breeze. With not a care in the world, you let them drop to your shoulders, and you feel the thickness when you do so. A compliment here and there, and many wanting to know your secret – but all you can say is that it’s good hair care – and the fact that your hair doesn’t fall.

It starts by just a strand, and then a messy brush, and then a bulk of hair when you shampoo your scalp and it never stops – this hair loss monstrosity when not taken seriously. On average a person loses 50-100 hair strands each day and factors such as age, disease, and stress can cause a person to shed more hair than usual.

Here are some hair loss symptoms that you should definitely look out for:

Sudden loss of excessive hair

During some circumstances such as childbirth, high fever, severe infections, severe trauma or even something as natural as fright, sudden loss of hair can occur. If the change is environmental, the problem might get resolved with time but if it is internal, it will require treatment.

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Bald spots on your head

You can have missing hair in an irregular pattern on your hair in the form of bald spots. These can go unnoticed at the early stages but as soon as you do notice them, consult a specialist. Often these bald spots can be itchy.

Receding hairline

When one ages, a receding hairline is expected. But, if you start no notice thinning of hair and missing patches of hair on a side before fifty, you need to get the problem checked at once because unlike the other symptoms, a receding hairline can worsen over time.

Man getting a hair transplant.
Do you know that hair transplant can work wonders?

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Scaling on the scalp

Keep a separate hairbrush, comb and other hair utensils that you use. A dry, flaky and scaly scalp isn’t always dandruff, it can be a troublesome fungal infection which can spread through sharing of towels and even furniture. Not only is this ringworm infection gross, but it can also make a person go bald.

The want to pull your hair out

Trichotillomania is a psychological disorder that impacts 0.6% of the population. A person suffering from it has a sudden urge to pull his/her hair for the purpose of self-satisfaction. Eventually, they cannot control this action and end up with bald spots. Research suggests that it can be due to genetics, environmental factors or a way to cope up with depression and anxiety. The individual affected should seek therapy.


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Hair Loss Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore | Hakeem Dubai
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