Halloween Time Teeth Horror – How to Deal with the Candy Problem

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The festive time of the year has begun and it is time for Halloween! The scarecrows are being put up and schools are having trick-or-treat parties and this means that your child will be exposed to a lot of candy. No doubt, the holiday is an exciting one for the children and adults both, with the costume making and spooky storytelling but the sweets are a big concern. Gone are the days when the sugary treats were low in calories and children just got a handful of em’. Now, there are uncountable types in the market and they’re all set to attack the child’s molars and add to their layers of lipid.

So, how does one deal with the ever-growing candy problem?

Here are some tips:

1)      Educate your child about the harmful impact of candy

The first and foremost thing to do is to break it down for your child. Instead of being angry at the child for having too much or telling them that it is bad, tell them why it is bad. Show them cavities, pimples, obesity, and the list goes on. Make them realize that candy is the enemy and it should only be taken in moderation. Remember to practice what you preach. Children often mimic the behavior they see in their house. So if you’re hardly having sweets, chances are that your children will follow.

Mother distributing candy to children on Halloween.
One little candy has too many calories, kids!

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If your child suffers from a toothache or visible cavities, it is best to get the teeth checked by a professional. Prolonged cavities can require a root canal and other costly procedures.

2)      Set a candy plan

Let your child feel the excitement of trick-or-treating and collecting candy. Make them go through what they’ve collected and let them have their favorite ones for the day. Tell them that following a ‘candy plan’, they’ll be able to have their chocolate bars and toffees every other day after a good, nutritious meal.

Cute girl choosing between an apple and candy.
You get the candy if you eat the apple!

3)      Make alternatives

Make candy at home with healthy substitutes. Instead of sugary cocoa bars, make peanut butter and banana granola bars, give out mini cereal boxes out as candy and Smarties can be replaced by dark chocolate covered strawberries and nuts. The ideas are endless!

Chocolate covered strawberries and nuts.
Such a divine treat!

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4)      Have some tricks up your sleeve

Before a party or trick-or-treating, serve the children a heavy and fulfilling meal so that they are not hungry to gobble up all the sticky gummy worms and éclairs on their way back. If your child is overweight or has tooth problems, negotiate! Let the child pay in candy to ‘buy’ screen time, a video game or a stuffed toy, etc.

A woman showing that she is too full to have dessert.
Too full on healthy food to eat an eclair!

5)      Know that Halloween isn’t just about candy

Tell the child that there is much more to Halloween than only candy. Teach the child the history of the event, make it a fun holiday to be spent wearing costumes and watching old Disney Halloween time movies.

Happy Children on Halloween holding carved pumpkins.
Happy Halloween from Meddy!


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Halloween Time Teeth Horror – How to Deal with the Candy Problem
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