NMC Hospital DIP: Here's Why It's a Great Healthcare Facility

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NMC Royal Hospital – the institution your family needs

Dubai is known for its impressive healthcare facilities, state of the art clinics and specialized doctors from all over the globe. Even though it is great to be healthy and fit, sickness is inevitable. For times of need, no matter what the disease is, NMC hospital is the first priority of many. Located in multiple areas of U.A.E, this hospital has won the hearts of millions because of its credibility and affordable treatments. It is without any doubt one of the best healthcare facilities Dubai has to offer.

NMC Royal Hospital. Source: google images.
The hospital you can trust. 

Here are ten of its specialties:

1.      Internal Medicine

Internists at NMC are highly skilled and are able to cure a wide range of health problems.

2.      Obstetrician and Gynecologist

The facility nestles in itself the top gynecology treatments to treat infertility and other reproductive issues.

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3.      Dentist

From cavities and root canals to braces and surgeries, the dentists at NMC are there to give you the flawless smile you’ve always wanted.

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4.      E.N.T

In the humid Dubai climate, E.N.T infections have become relatively common and NMC addresses the issue with experts and comprehensive facilities.

5.      Rheumatologist

Don’t let old age get the better of you. Give your bones the fuel they deserve with NMC’s latest biologic therapies and treatments.

6.      Endocrinologist

One’s hormones might be out of order but through comprehensive and personalized treatments for each patient, all complications can be eliminated.

7.      Pediatrician

Raise a healthy, creative and happy child. The staff at NMC will make sure that your child’s psychological and physical development is not hindered.

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8.      Gastroenterologist

Eat like you mean it! Indulge in those treats and give in to those cravings without a worry in the world. The gastroenterologists at NMC can provide relief through medication and therapy.

9.      Ophthalmologist

The newest techniques available at the institution allows individuals to lead better, productive lives. From routine treatments to complex surgeries, the ophthalmologists at NMC provide outstanding care.

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10.  Neurologist

Get your diagnosis and treatment for all disorders of the nervous system by trained medical professionals.

The qualified and experienced team of doctors at NMC provide the best experience and splendid medical care for you and your family, in a safe and secure environment. You can book an appointment with other specialists at NMC here.


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NMC Hospital DIP: Here's Why It's a Great Healthcare Facility
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