Teaching Children Healthy Hair Care Habits

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“Invest in your hair. It is the crown you never take off!”

If hair care is taught at an early age, children will grow up to realize the importance of their hair and make sure that they nourish their body and scalp in the right manner. If a child feels good about the way he looks, it boosts his self-esteem and morale. Hair is an important part of a child’s personality.

“My child had naturally curly hair and one day she came home from school sobbing. She told me that she hated her hair because they were different. That is when I realized that I had to teach her love her hair.”– Martha Simpson, mother of four girls.

“I am very particular about teen trends. If my daughter wants to color her hair permanently, I buy her coloring hair chalks instead. It’s a win-win situation.” – Nida Suleman, lifestyle blogger.

Teaching Children Healthy Hair Care Habits
Teach your children to love their natural hair type!

The following hair care tips can be read aloud to your children, be put up on the refrigerator and discussed on family Sundays to help your children understand the importance of healthy, luxuriant hair.

Hair Care Tips for Children

·         Show your children that a small amount of hair product goes a long way. Pour only a little into their hand and massage it till it’s foamy.

Hair Care Tips for Children
Oh, yes...massage that scalp mama!

·         Toddlers should have their hair shampooed only thrice a week.

·         Hairstyles that are too tight or uncomfortable should be avoided. This will cause the root to weaken and the hair to fall out.

·         Try to avoid shampoos and conditioners that are mainly theme-oriented and do not provide value to the hair. Instead, cover your shampoo bottle with your child’s favorite poster so that the hair routine becomes exciting.

·         Teach your child to rinse well. The trick is to do it a couple of times extra so that all the dirt and remaining shampoo gets washed away.

·         If your child is a swimmer, make sure to wash the hair with shampoo. Pool chemicals can harm the hair quality.

·         Eggs, berries, spinach, fish, etc. are all foods that should be included in your child’s diet. They promote hair growth. Sometimes due to a poor diet, hair fall can occur. Take your child to a nutritionist for regular check-ups and to understand what the child’s unique bodily needs.

Hair Care for Children
Your hair needs its fuel!

·         Teach your child the importance of oil. Oil is the hair’s best friend. Some parents always oil their child’s hair before shampooing.

·         Show your growing child what dandruff looks like and does to hair. This way the child will make sure that their scalp is dirt-free.

·         Lice is a common and inevitable problem among children. Treat lice with medicated shampoo. Also, change pillow covers often.

·         Children can often get inclined towards straightening, curling and styling their hair. Teach your child to love his/her hair type and allow hair styling to be done only occasionally.

Hair Care for Children
Brush away those tangles! 

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If your child is suffering from unexplained hair-loss and other uncommon hair problems, please book an appointment with an expert hair specialist to diagnose the problem.


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Teaching Children Healthy Hair Care Habits
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