The Most Common Eye Problems People Had in 2021

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The soothing green of the bustling leaves, and the caramel brown froth of your morning coffee; these are sights that you’d forever wish to see. Healthy functioning eyes are a big blessing and life with eye problems can be such a nuisance.

Some problems are minor and go away without treatment whilst others worsen over time and require treatment. Here are some commonly experience eye issues and what causes them:

Dry eyes

For some individuals, this problem exists because of a lack of tear production in their system but for others, external factors such as heaters, air conditioners, weather conditions, vascular diseases, aging and side effects of certain drugs can cause the issue. In this condition, the eyes continuously feel itchy and the sensation is that of something being stuck inside. The vision can get blurry and redness is a common issue. Usually, doctors prescribe artificial eye drops for the condition.

Excessive tears

This is a condition during which the individual produces excess tears. The tears can be triggered when exposed to light, dust, specific colors, and even the wind. It has nothing to do with emotions. Individuals can travel with sunglasses. However, excess tear production can also be a sign of an infection so it is advised to get the condition checked from a specialist.

An ophthalmologist checking a patient.
An ophthalmologist diagnoses and treat eye disorders. 


Those throbbing headaches followed by eye pain, burning or itching of eyes is a sign of the eyes being strained. Like other parts of the body, they need their rest to function their best. Lack of sleep, long hours spent looking at screens and performing tasks with require constant focus might result in eyestrain.


Contrary to popular belief, people are not always born with this condition. Yes, if they are, it is not treatable but certain diseases and medications can also cause it. The doctor can test it and treat it with special contact and lenses.


Caused by infection, injury or disease, this condition if not treated can cause vision loss. It is the inflammation of the eye. Eye redness, pain, sensitivity to light, blurred vision, floating spots and decreased vision are all common symptoms. Uveitis can be of multiple types, depending on the part of the eye that is inflamed. It can impact individuals at any age and children might get it too. Studies show that people who smoke are at a higher risk of getting it.


The vision of individuals suffering from this condition is compromised. It is as if they’re being made to see through a thick fog. This cloudy vision can hinder the ability to perform daily tasks such as reading, writing, driving, etc. Past eye surgeries, diabetes, genetic conditions and long term use of steroids can cause cataract. Initially, life can go on with the use of spectacles but later on if problems occur, cataract surgery has to be performed. Obesity, alcohol use and high blood pressure are some of the high-risk factors that increase the probability of this condition.

A cataract surgery being performed.
A cataract surgery being performed.

Diabetic retinopathy

Because of diabetes, blood vessels of the eyes can get damaged and can lead to blindness. The initial symptoms are not very apparent so it is vital to get regular checkups. The condition can develop both in patients with diabetes I and II if their blood sugar level is not controlled.

In order to prevent eye problems from occurring, visit an ophthalmologist every year.


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The Most Common Eye Problems People Had in 2021
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