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You’ve probably got a toothache or a gum bleed. Maybe your child has a cavity. Maybe your sister needs braces. Or maybe, you want to have a regular checkup to show-off your perfect teeth. Either way, you’ve come to the right spot.

This list contains the very best dental experts in Dubai, filtered according to customer reviews, star-ratings, years of experience and GCC’s largest doctor booking platform, Meddy.

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No matter what the problem is, these dentists have got the solution!

1.     Dr. Zul Paliwalla

With his education from the United Kingdom and over thirty-four years of experience, Dr. Zul is one of the best dentists that Dubai has to offer.

“My visit was completely painless and comfortable as always! Successful Root Canal treatment with no discomfort or pain.” – Melanie

You can book an appointment and read more about his expertise here.

2.      Dr. Tanveer Ahmed

Available at the New Ivory Dental and Implant Clinic and with nineteen years of dental treatments, Dr. Tanveer has a 4.5/5 rating and offers a free consultation!

“Excellent service with Dr. Tanveer as always!” – Joe F

You can view his availability here.

3.      Dr. Anupama Jaswal

Fluent in both Hindi and English, Dr. Anupama is one of the top female dentists in her area.

“The doctor is very good. She took care of my daughter and treated her like her own.” – Imad

Learn more about the treatment Dr. Anupama offers, here.

4.      Dr. Mona Ziadkhani

With an education from over four countries, and fluency in Arabic, English, and Persian, Dr. Mona is recommended by many.

“Dr. Mona has given me a smile to be proud of. Her professionalism, expertise, and dedication surpass expectations. She is going the extra mile to provide the best dental service in Dubai. World-class!”- Rickard L.

Book a free consultation with Dr. Mona here.

5.      Dr. Ahmed Osman

With a four and a half star rating and sixteen years of experience with loyal clients, Dr. Ahmed is quite the favorite.

“Dr. Ahmed had a very good approach to my case. I recommend him!”- Alison

You can book an appointment with him here.

6.      Dr. Abdulrahman Mohamad

With twenty-five years of expertise in the dental industry, Dr. Abdulrahman has made a name of himself.

“I can highly recommend this dental clinic. Dr. Abdulrahman is extremely patient, compassionate and dedicated to giving a fantastic service. Thank you so much!”- Anna

Book him now.

7.      Dr. Aala Al Mudhafar

Aala literally means fantastic in the Urdu language! Dr. Aala has done twenty-seven years of dental service, and he is a favorite among many.

"He is great me and my family have been seeing him for years." – Zuhair

Scheduling a free consultation appointment here.

8.     Dr. Aiman Abu Fanas

A member of the Emirates Orthodontic Association, Dr. Aiman has a 4.5/5 rating.

“Excellent doctor with good ethics!” – Maha

Get to know more about him here.

9.      Dr. Fokion Iatridis

Associated with SameDay Dental Implants and a member of the American College of Prosthodontics, Dr. Fokion is one of the top picks in Dubai.

“I have had one appointment with Dr. Fokion and am scheduled for more. He was very professional, confident in his assessment, informative about my options to correct my problems and a very fast worker. I was very satisfied with my appointment. I recommend him.” – Riley O

Visit him now.

10.  Dr. Karim Salah

With eighteen years of expertise in general dentistry, Dr. Karim has a solution to all your teeth problems.

“Excellent- he was very thorough, patient and cooperative. Highly recommend him.” – Tala

Make him your dentist.

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Your smile needs to shine! Book an appointment now.

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