Top 10 General Surgeons in Dubai

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Television shows these days make one believe that surgeries happen in a breeze. The truth, however, is that surgical procedures are complex, require rigorous training and a good surgery time to plan and execute. With medical advancements and skilled surgeons, surgical treatments these days have changed the health sector.

Hakeem Fact: General surgeons and plastic surgeons are different. General surgery is the surgical specialty that focuses on the abdominal organs whereas plastic surgery is concerned with the correction or restoration of form and function.

Here are the top ten influential general surgeons of Dubai:

1.      Dr. K.G Mathew

Be it the liver, or complexities with the endocrine system, bilingual Dr. K.G. Mathew’s steady hands can rid you of any pain.

2.      Dr. Uday Shankar

Learn to look your best without having to go on useless diets. Dr. Uday performs weight loss procedures and has been approved by many.

3.      Dr. Gyan Prasad

Having performed surgeries ranging from hysterectomy to ovarian cystectomy, Dr. Gyan is Dubai’s finest.

4.      Dr. James Zachariah

With multiple fellowships, multilingual Dr. James has an irreplaceable surgical talent which he has mastered over the course of three decades.

5.      Dr. Anwar Kamel Oraby

Recommended by many and known for providing fast relief, Dr. Anwar is one of our top picks with a five-star rating.

6.      Dr. Aws Khidir Jassim

Struggling with obesity? Want to get rid of the layers of lipid ruining your image? Book an appointment with Dr. Aws who is an expert in bariatric surgery.

7.      Dr. Hatem Moussa

With a fellowship in the USA, a member of the American Board of Surgery, Dr. Hatem has an exceptional educational background.

8.      Dr. Shashi Tiwari

Dr, Shashi is truly a wonder lady possessing magical hands that have performed hemorrhoids surgery, hernia surgery, laparoscopic surgery and pancreatic surgery for over twelve years.

9.      Dr. Eid Alhajjar

Dr. Eid addresses all problems here with a specialization in hair loss treatments, hair transplant surgeries and even mustache transplants.

10.  Dr. Ali Reza Eghtedari

Fluent in Arabic, Urdu, English, Persian, and Romanian, Dr. Ali Reza has twenty-seven years of expertise and can be found at King’s College Hospital London.

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Top 10 General Surgeons in Dubai
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