Top 10 Internal Medicine Specialists in Dubai

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Commonly known as internists and doctors of internal medicine, they are primary care physicians who see patients with diabetes, heart conditions, obesity, hypertension and other such conditions on a daily basis. Internal medicine specialists are experts in diagnosing and treating a wide range of diseases.

Here are the best internists in Dubai:

1.      Dr. Bashar Neamat

A member of three prestigious medical boards of Arab and Jordan, Dr. Bashar has a five-star rating and is known to be quite respectable among his patients and peers.

2.      Dr. Unni Nair

Associated with multiple medical societies and academies, Dr.Unni can give you the perfect body and great health as he is known for treating obesity. He also has a post-doctoral fellowship in Critical Care Medicine.

3.      Dr. Sandeep Chaudhary

Fluctuating hormones? Mood swings? Endocrine disorders? Get your life back on track with Dr. Sandeep, a wonder man known to cure hormonal disorders.

4.      Dr. Munir Hussain

A four-star rating and satisfactory reviews – Dr. Munir can ease the pain when it comes to arthritis, diabetes and irritable bowel. He has twenty years of expertise in the field.

5.      Dr. Fasia Basir

Known for being very concerned and provided quick relief to her patient, Dr. Fasia Basir is one of the finest in Dubai.

6.      Dr. Jobran Al Salman

Recommended by many, Dr. Jobran is known for treating anemia, diabetes, infectious diseases, obesity, pulmonary diseases, and hypertension.

7.      Dr. Qutbuddin Saify

With over twenty-two years of experience and promising reviews by patients, Dr. Qutbuddin is available for treatment at Zulekha Hospital, Dubai.

8.      Dr. Hubert Pennickx

Affiliated with the European Association for the study of diabetes, and a fellow of the European Endocrine Society, Dr. Hubert is a remarkable specialist with the ability to communicate in seven different languages.

9.      Dr. Deepak Naryani

Known to always leave his patients content with the treatment, Dr. Deepak can be found at Emirates Hospital Clinic. He has been an internal medicine specialist for over eighteen years.

10.  Dr. Hesham Elsayed

Termed as understanding by his patients, Dr. Hesham has spent twenty-seven years treating individuals with asthma, headache, and chronic diseases.


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Top 10 Internal Medicine Specialists in Dubai
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