Top 10 Psychiatrists in Dubai

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Gone are the days when going to the psychiatrist was considered a taboo. People of today care about their well-being the most, and that is how it should be because, without a healthy mind, there’s no healthy you. If we go decades back, people who went to psychiatrists were considered ‘mental’ and ‘not in their right mind’ and these crazy individuals were locked up in facilities where they were treated and experimented on. – That’s an exaggerated version you probably read in a book but the truth is far from it. Psychiatrists are doctors of the mind who help you understand yourself better, eradicate uncalled for stress and help you lead your best life. Like Hakeem says, “A psychiatrist a day, keeps the anxiety at bay!”

Here are the top 10 psychiatrists in Dubai:

1.      Dr. Hanan Kandil

With twenty-five years of expertise, Dr. Hanan specialty treatments include helping individuals cope with anxiety, depression and low self-esteem. She is also a marriage counselor.

2.      Dr. Nasser El-Hindy

A consultant with a promising educational background from multiple countries, Dr. Nasser is affiliated with the Royal College of Psychiatrists, UK.

3.      Ms. Sarah El Nabulsi

With reviews claiming to have changed lives, Ms. Sarah is one of the most recommended psychiatrists that Dubai has to offer.

4.      Dr. Deepa Sankar

Ranging from smoking cessation and social anxiety to autism and child mental health, Dr. Deepa is a wonder-woman who has worked her magic on many.

5.      Dr. Kenneth Mitchell

With a four-star rating, Dr. Kenneth is known to have many satisfied patients over the years. He is a credible psychiatrist from the UK.

6.      Dr. David Lee

A consultant and a fellow associate of the British Psychological Society, Dr. Lee is known to be a humble person and a great listener by his patients.

7.      Dr. Mohammad Hafez

Known as a miracle man when it comes to matters of the mind, Dr. Mohammad, a consultant, provides relieves the patient of societal and inner pressures.

8.      Ms. Maya Sidani

If your child is acting out, shutting out his loved ones, don’t leave him isolated. Take him to Ms. Sidani instead, who is an expert in child development and behavior.

9.      Dr. Sreekumar V. Nair

Dr. V specializes in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of mental illnesses for all ages. He can also fluently communicate in English, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam and Tamil.

10.  Dr. Daniela Graf

Available at the American Center for Psychiatry and Neurology for treatment, Dr. Graf is a member of the esteemed German board of Psychiatry.


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Top 10 Psychiatrists in Dubai
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