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Like any other cosmetic surgery, rhinoplasty will permanently change your face. Hence, a decision to get a nose job done should be taken after much thought and only when you’ve found a great doctor who has a good experience, who you’re comfortable sharing your concerns with, and who can walk you through the process.

Here are a few things you should keep in mind before you opt to go for the treatment:

1.      It should be YOUR decision.

You’re beautiful inside out and there’s no reason to feel insecure about your features. There’s no one like you and that’s what makes you, you. It’s 2019 and with rapid technological advancements and medical procedures, we can literally transform our faces and it’s a thrilling and life-changing experience to go through. Cosmetic treatments have helped millions across the globe in leading better lives. Howsoever, the decision to undergo the surgery should solely be your decision. You shouldn’t be pressurized into taking it. Some people battle with low self-esteem, social anxiety, and depression all their lives because of a deformity caused by an external source, or a birth defect. They can live their best lives after good nose-jobs. Like they say, there’s nothing a nose-job can’t fix!

Woman getting a nose job done.
Dubai has the best doctors for rhinoplasty!

2.      You should KNOW what you want.

Sure, the doctor is there to guide you throughout but you should do your research beforehand. Read on the types of procedures there are, what they involve and then you can ask your doctor which you’d be suited best to. It is always wise to do your homework as this will spring more questions in your mind which your specialist can later answer. The most vital part is to go with what you want (unless your doctor disagrees due to complications). Since it’s your face and you have to wake up to see it every day, you should have a nose of your choice. Fun Fact: There are two types of nose jobs; closed rhinoplasty and open rhinoplasty – the latter having a longer recovery time among other major differences.

3.      The process is LONG.

The procedure is short, of course, but the process to get the new nose is long. There can be multiple sittings involved, more procedures to get the desired results and a good amount of healing time. Since it differs from patient to patient, your doctor can guide you best. But here’s our advice: hold on tight and be patient because the process is worth it!

4.      Explore OTHER options.

Do you know that there’s something we call non-surgical rhinoplasty? Yes, that’s right, there’s no surgery involved and you can still get your perfect vogue cover nose. Injectable nose fillers can alter the shape of your nose without expensive surgery. Howsoever, the results last a limited amount of time (6-12 months) and to get a permanent result, you will have to go for the surgical procedure. Some individuals who want a more ‘natural’ look go for re-filling every few months. Know that the procedure is not reversible.

A man getting a liquid filler injected into his nose.
Men get nose jobs too!

5.      Understand that everyone’s face is UNIQUE.

A specific nose may run in your family but it doesn’t mean that you’ll get the same after-surgery result like your cousin or your sister. The results depend on a lot of factors including your face structure, the treatment being offered and the recovery. So you should keep in mind that not everyone gets the same results. Some people require revision surgery and nose healing can take up to a year. Moreover, everyone’s pain threshold is different so it doesn’t mean that if a friend felt uncomfortable you will too.

6.      Prepare yourself for the AFTERCARE.

Yes, the pain may be gone with Panadol and other painkillers prescribed by the doc, but the swelling and healing of the wound can take weeks. Other than that, you’ll also be advised by the doctor to take extra care and avoid a few things, depending on the treatment you’ve undergone.

Hakeem’s Note: If you suffer from any of the following, let your doctor decide if you’re a suitable candidate for a nose job: diabetes, bleeding disorder, severe allergies, and arthritis. Whilst no surgery is risk-free, some health conditions can make the treatment difficult.

Before and after image of woman having gotten a nose job.
A new nose = a new YOU!

It doesn’t matter what age you are, it’s never too late to get your dream nose. The procedure is highly customizable and with a skilled hand to sculpt your nose, life after the surgery will be exciting.


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What to Know Before Getting a Nose Job in Dubai | Nosey Affair
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