You'll be Surprised to Know About What is Causing Your Hair to Turn White.

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Our life has become more and more complicated with lots happening around us that prematurely makes us age. Although we know that aging is a natural process, does it really mean that our hair turns “grey” just as we age?

We have all had that moment where we were brushing down our hair and out popped a silvery white hair. If you haven’t experienced this moment, don’t worry, you’re fine!

Some of the most important causes of white hair include:


genetic causing white hair

Most people are asked about their family’s medical history. It is not to know what happened in your past or your family’s past, it is simply to understand what possible genetic complications COULD affect you.

Research has pointed to most types of early grey hair, not affected by other health issues, is most probably caused by genetics. Ask your parents when they started to grey to find out if you might be facing a similar circumstance.

If you notice the white hairs becoming worse, check with a specialist in family medicine or book a general consultation.

Thyroid disorders

thyroid disorder from stress and will cause white hair best doctors in qatar

Your hormones can change a lot in your body, this includes your hair color, texture, and maybe even shine. Research has shown that an overactive or an underactive thyroid can cause your body to produce less melanin, which is responsible for pigmentation in the body. Thyroid disorders can cause many more issues in the body including hyperthyroidism which can be responsible for premature white hair.

Talk to your ENT or Internal Medicine doctor about this issue.

Vitamin Deficiency

vitamin b12 to avoid white hair in doha

Vitamins are essential to your body at every age. However, the one vitamin associated with white hair is vitamin B-12. No surprise there, it is the main vitamin that aids in keeping your hair growth and health. When you suffer from a severe deficiency of vitamin B-12, you would have pernicious anemia, which means that your red blood cells are unable to take enough oxygen across your body and mostly to the scalp and hair. This deficiency also affects your body’s melanin.

Check out a dietician to understand what works best for your case and how you can supplement your deficiencies.


stress causing white hair in youth in qatar

Are you finding it hard to get sufficient sleep? Suffering from constant anxiety? Feeling that your mood swings become only one mood: anger? Feel irritable? Don’t have an appetite for your favorite food? Chances are you’re stress out! This means that your body is unable to rejuvenate itself properly to restart your healing process. A comprehensive study published in Nature Medicine proved that stress can cause the depletion of stem cells in the hair follicles. This, of course, means that the more stress you deal with, the faster your body ages. This explains why people in positions of power tend to look like they aged years within mere days.

Let your troubles go by booking an appointment with a specialist in psychiatry.

Autoimmune disease

white hair causes

Unexpected or long-term illnesses can really affect your overall health, not just physically, but mentally as well. Hair loss is something that goes hand in hand with diseases such as alopecia, cancer, and vitiligo. The immune system can only focus to fight the strongest organism attacking it. Although we all know that the body is still somewhat of a mystery to science, it does sometimes work against even the latest of technologies and research-based treatments. One thing is for sure, aging will always come, with or without other health issues, so make the most of your youth!

Talk to your doctor about this. Book an appointment here!

Bad habits

your child and obesity pediatricians in doha white hair causes

Stress and the overwhelming sense of become older can lead to the development of bad habits including biting the nails, removing the skin around the nails, grinding of the teeth, pulling out hairs, or hair loss in huge amounts. However, there are even worse habits that can affect your youth and get you white hair.

Bad habit #1: Smoking

A study conducted in Lancashire linked smoking to early white hair in youths. Not only are you aging faster, you are getting sicker by the minute, which in fact makes your age even faster than the fast aging you are suffering from. Lung cancer, heart complications, difficulty breathing, not to mention loss of function in the respiratory system after a long while, are just some of the important warnings against smoking.

Bad Habit #2: Unbalanced Diet

Of course, eating fried foods and pizza all day, every day will not only affect your weight, but your overall health, not to mention the adverse effects on your mental health as well. Multiple studies have shown the impact the diet has on changing your lifestyle, well, here’s another reason to start eating clean.

Bad habit #3: Overused chemicals

Damaged hair has become such a normal thing these days, we blame it on the “desalinated water, or the unavailability of proper hair care products. However, right now, we have never been more privileged to have access to the best care and the best products that are easy on your health and your body. Don’t o

You'll be Surprised to Know About What is Causing Your Hair to Turn White.
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