How Tooth Decay can be Affecting Your Child's Life

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We give very little attention to our teeth usually. Cleaning them require very little to minimal work and we tend to keep up with this routine throughout our lives. However, with children, the situation may differ. They consume may consume lots of sugar and may even be doing certain actions that may worsen the condition of their teeth. Book an appointment with your dentist today for a quick dental checkup!

Here are some of the reasons for teeth to start decaying

Sugar Consumption

eating too much sugar symptoms rotten teeth in qatar

Candy! All children love it and crave it. We know that it is harmful to not only their teeth but their health, yet we constantly give it to them. Why? Sugar causes the gradual eating away of the enamel of the teeth and continues to do so the more it is consumed. This of course, being added sugar that serves absolutely no purpose in your health or wellbeing. Consuming too much of it leads to dental decay, as well as long term complications that can be just as bad, including swelling, gum disease, tooth ache, bad dental hygiene (bad breath) and will eventually make you dread going to the dentist.

Grinding of the teeth

grinding teeth can cause damage to enamel and rotten teeth in qatar

Although this may not be a clear cause for decay, grinding of the teeth can be quite damaging to the tooth and perhaps the nerves as well. Sometimes we grind out teeth when we are stressed. This leads to a few other health concerns including dislodging of the jaw or even lead to headaches and sore facial muscles. Not only that, children also participate in behaviors such as sucking their thumbs or using a pacifier, these can also cause some damage to the roof of the mouth, cause more bacteria to gather up in the mouth, and also might cause some serious infections.

Lack of oral hygiene

rotten teeth treatment in doha qatar for children best dentists

The simplest way to ensure that your teeth are decay-free is to actually clean them on a regular basis. However, some might choose to ignore this tiny fact and go to sleep without brushing their teeth. This minority who lacks oral hygiene may not be aware of the dangers of tooth decay until it hits them. Children can sneak snacks into their bedrooms or can have lots of sugary snacks when they are out with their friends. The parents have to make sure that the child brushes their teeth properly before going to bed and properly in the morning when they wake up. Monitoring a child as they brush their teeth may be a bit of a hassle, so, make it a family event! Share brushing your teeth with your child so they would have a good memory attached to it, and they will be more likely to keep it as a good habit.

Baby Food

baby food causing rotten teeth in qatar

Fast lifestyles these days do not allow parents to really focus on the food they are providing their children. Baby food is considered healthy as it is a mixture of fruits, vegetables, and protein, but is it? **Recent studies have proven that fruits and vegetables in baby food claiming to be organic or natural are actually sweeter than most vegetables and have lots of carbs like sweet potato and carrots with added sugars and syrup. **Try making your own puree of vegetables and fruits and try adding some natural sweeteners like honey. This way, you are sure your baby’s food is healthy, natural, and safe!


bottle feeding or juice causes rotten teeth in toddlers

Apparently, milk can be a contributor to tooth decay. Natural breast milk is known to be healthier and better for the child and his/her growth. However, that too might have some effect on your child’s teeth. Breast milk contains natural sugars that when the toddler is constantly being breastfed they are getting these sugars into their mouths and probably sleeping straight after. Baby formula and juices can cause severe tooth decay especially when the child falls asleep after consuming them or while still in their mouth. The lactose in the milk causes it to stick onto the teeth and when the child is asleep, there is barely any saliva to wash it off, so it starts eating away at the enamel. This is exactly why it is recommended to brush your teeth before bed!


fruits cause dental decay in children rotten teeth

Acidic fruits like lemons, limes, oranges, berries, and dried fruits can also be contributing greatly to the decay of your child’s teeth. We think these have low sugars or are “healthy” and they are really, for the rest of the body. However, when it comes to the teeth, they are a lot more sensitive to the sharp sourness of these fruits. The natural sugars will mix with bacteria inside the mouth that attacks tooth enamel. This can also alter the way the saliva, which is alkaline, washes off the sugars. Everything is best served in moderation!

How do we prevent tooth decay?

dental checkups to prevent tooth decay and rotten teeth

Well the simple answer is, brush your teeth more often. Dentists constantly make sure their patients understand the concept or the right way of brushing the teeth to ensure no carries are forming. Regular checkups are essential and regular scaling and polishing is a must. It is recommended that you visit a dentist every 6 months. However, those who have tendencies to get carries and decays can visit a dentist regularly to ensure healthy teeth.

Consuming a healthy and BALANCED diet is a must to ensure the health of your teeth and body.

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How Tooth Decay can be Affecting Your Child's Life
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