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Today in Hakeem’s Tooth Tales, it’s time to unravel some of the biggest dental health misconceptions out there. For most of us, oral hygiene is a vital part of our lives because a healthy, white smile adds to the personality. So, here is a list of things you should definitely know before your next visit to the dentist’s clinic.

Hakeem Fact: A whopping 80% of the people believe that their smile is the first thing that people notice about them.

Some of these will surprise you, and others will shock you but here at Hakeem, we strive to spill the truth beans.

1)      You can remove the cavities with aggressive brushing

Once people spot tooth decay in their mouth, they resort to hard brushing, thinking that it will reverse the harm done by the cavity. But the truth is that brushing in an aggressive manner might cause the gums to bleed and the enamel to wear off. Brushing well can slow the tooth decay process and prevent further cavities. However, in order to get the existing cavity treated, you will have to visit the dental specialist.

remove the cavities
Go easy on your pearly whites!

2)      Your baby doesn’t need the dentist

It doesn’t matter if your toddler’s teeth aren’t permanent. Tooth decay can still happen. If the child’s teeth go untreated for a prolonged period, severe infections can occur which can cause the child immense pain and hinder daily performance. It is best to drop by at the dentist every now and then to get the child’s pearly whites examined. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

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baby dentist
Your adorable baby deserves the best treatment!

3)      A root canal is a very painful procedure

Contrary to popular belief, a root canal treatment under numbing medicine and a local anesthetic is completely pain-free. Cavities that are very close to the nerve and tooth decay when not treated becomes painful and require a root canal but the procedure itself does not cause pain.

root canal
The treatment will cure all your pain. 

4)      Teeth whitening is harmful

Sure, if you’re squirting acidic lemon juice on your teeth daily or following home remedies for whitening which you have little knowledge of, your teeth whitening experiment might spring up other teeth problems. But, at a dental professional’s clinic who knows your teeth best, teeth whitening is a routine procedure that is not harmful.

Hakeem Fact: Many beauty salons today offer teeth whitening solutions but they’re illegal! Without dental supervision, your teeth are at risk.

Teeth whitening
Like Rihanna says, shine bright like a diamond! 

5)      Cavities are only caused by sugary edibles

Yes, sugar is a culprit and food like lollipops, gums, and chocolate can deteriorate your tooth’s health, but other junk food like crisps and healthier alternatives such as too much fruit juice can form cavities too. It is important to brush your teeth twice a day, thoroughly as instructed by your dentist.

Woman holding a giant cupcake and a tooth model.
That muffin isn't your teeth's best friend. 

6)      Braces only work on children and teenagers

Many people tend to believe that orthodontic treatment is only for kids and teens. Yes, most individuals get their teeth aligned during that period but it certainly does not mean that there’s a specific age to fix your teeth! In today’s modern world, numerous variations of braces exist which can be removed when wanted, go unnoticed when worn and work wonders no matter what your age is. It’s never too late to get that smile you’ve always adored!

Teeth Braces
Go after your teeth dreams!

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7)      Bonus myth: Chewing gum is just as good as brushing teeth

A survey found that 20% of the population believes that chewing sugar-free gum is good for the teeth and around 30% believe that when bubble-gum is chewed, brushing can be skipped. Well, we’re sorry to break it to you but that’s absolutely wrong. Yes, chewing gum has its own benefits but it cannot replace your brushing routine. In order to scrape off the remaining food bits, avoid plague from forming and for sparkly, healthy teeth, brushing is the way to go.

Cheerful African woman with glasses chewing gum.
Chew the gum but brush your teeth after!


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6 Common Dental Myths | Today in Tooth Tales
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