World Diabetes Day: Protect Your Loved Ones.

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This November, learn how to prevent diabetes – the 7th leading cause of death.

Held on the 14th of November each year and initiated by IDF (International Diabetes Federation), World Diabetes Day is an awareness campaign to help educate people about the disease globally.

Hakeem Fact: Whilst diabetes type-2 is preventable, diabetes type 1 is not.

what is diabetes?

A person whose body is suffering from this disease cannot produce or respond to insulin. The condition is chronic and is caused because of too much blood glucose in the bloodstream which the body is unable to process.

Doctor checking the blood sugar of a diabetic child.
Type 1 diabetes in children is called pediatric diabetes. 

Types of diabetes


Is a condition in which the individual has not yet been diagnosed with diabetes but has drastically high blood sugar levels which may result in type 2 diabetes later in life. 90% of the people suffering don’t know that they have this condition! It can be reversed with a healthy lifestyle.

Juvenile diabetes (type 1 diabetes)

Is when the individual’s body does not produce insulin, a hormone needed to regulate the blood sugar levels. Thus the person has to resort to taking artificial insulin in order to battle the disease.

Type 2 diabetes

The most common type, is when the individual’s body does produce insulin but does not react well to its production. This type can be nipped in the bud with weight loss, a healthy lifestyle, and exercise. However, if it does not get managed through the points mentioned above, medication and therapy can be taken.

Know your risk of type 2 diabetes today by taking an online test.

Gestational diabetes

Occurs in expecting women and can impact the well-being of the child. It usually ends after the pregnancy but increases the woman’s risk of getting type 2 diabetes in life.

Hakeem Fact: Over 420 million people in the world have diabetes.

What are the most common risk factors for diabetes?

·         A family history of diabetes

·         Obesity

·         A family history of blood pressure

·         Having PCOS

·         Smoking

·         Unhealthy diet

·         High cholesterol

Junk food that increases the risk of diabetes.
Stick to having these treats occasionally! 

What are the symptoms of diabetes?

·         Frequent urination (can also be a sign of urinary infections)

·         Sudden fluctuation  in weight

·         Mood swings

·         Blurred vision

·         A constant state of tiredness

·         Nausea

·         Wounds that heal slowly

·         Fruity breath

·         Tingling of hands and feet

·         Skin infections

·         Erectile Dysfunction (men)

·         Dry mouth

·         Itchy skin

Some long term complications of diabetes include heart disease, kidney disease, blindness, yeast infections, stroke, and high blood pressure.

Comparison of a healthy foot and a diabetic foot.
Diabetic patients can often develop fungal foot infections. 

What lifestyle changes can I make to prevent diabetes?

It is advised to seek help from a nutritionist who can educate you about your body and its needs. The specialist can give you a personalized diet chart to follow based on your body’s requirements.

Other lifestyle changes include:

·         Avoiding processed food with high amounts of sugar and calories. For example sodas, fried food, desserts, etc.

·         Restricting alcohol intake.

·         Getting a minimum of thirty minutes of physical activity for five days a week.

Even though diabetes is a manageable condition, it can impact one’s daily life drastically. Moreover, if not diagnosed and treated, it can prove to be life-taking. If you feel that you or a loved one is at risk of diabetes, schedule an appointment now.


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World Diabetes Day: Protect Your Loved Ones.
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