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The pandemic has turned our lives. We're getting vaccinated and following all the SOPs, however with the omicron variant in town, the fear of getting ill, even the slightest, petrifies each one of us. Life’s quick and happening and as much as we want to stop and take a pause, we can’t afford to be left behind. To be in your best health and on your toes in 2022 you need to make sure that you don’t fall ill. Even the casual flu can hinder your daily routine and productivity. So, we’ve got these top-notch tips to help you stay away from getting sick.

1.      Believe in regular checkups

If you’re feeling well, that’s great! But, it doesn’t always mean that everything is good on the inside. Sure, we hope it is but it’s better to be safe than sorry. You need to make sure that your organs and everything else inside of you is well. A cavity doesn’t show overnight and hormonal imbalances can sometimes go undetected and these are just teeny tiny examples from a pool of disastrous possibilities. Book your appointment with a dentist, a dermatologist, and ophthalmologist – and follow up with the psychiatrist, and endocrinologist every six months. Again, these are commonly visited specialists, but you can consult one according to your needs based on your own and your family’s health history.

2.      Treat your body like a temple

If you give a vehicle the wrong fuel, it’ll start to deteriorate before it’s time. If you water a plant too much, it’ll begin to wilt and if you don’t water it at all, it’ll dry up and die. Similarly, our body needs all its nutrients and vitamins to stay in its best shape. Eat healthy, organic food. If you feel that it’s choosing the right food is difficult, get a customized meal plan made from a nutritionist that best suits your body’s needs.

Image showing New Year's health resolution.
It's never too late to start the journey to wellness!

3.      Maintain a healthy weight

Calculate your BMI, and make sure that you’re not overweight or underweight. Obesity can lead to major health problems. In order to stay away from sickness, you need to have a healthy body. And yes, that zero figure, problematic body just belongs to Barbie dolls. If you struggle with weight gain or weight loss, consult a specialist to help you on your journey to wellness.

4.      Give your body natural happiness

Do you know that when we exercise our body releases endorphins which drastically improves our mood? Rather than eating that bar of chocolate or searching for happiness, create it in your backyard, at the gym or at the basketball court. Include some sort of physical activity in your life that helps you stay fit. Exercise helps regulate our sleeping pattern and that’s just one of its many benefits!

5.      Sleep like a baby

If you’ve slept well, your body will have recharged itself to perform well during the day. This also means that it will act better in warding off infections and diseases. If you feel that you have insomnia, know a happy slumber can be returned to you with treatment. Let sleep come to you before some disease does.

6.      Quit smoking

Cigarette smoking is responsible for 480,000 deaths a year which means that around 1300 people die every day due to the habit. Moreover, smokers die 10 years earlier than nonsmokers. Around 1 billion, nearly 20% of the world’s population chain-smokes today. That’s just a lot of deaths and diseases waiting to happen. If you can’t put down that cigarette, let a doctor help you do that.

Woman breaking a cigarette.
We know it's it's hard. But we also know that it's possible.

If you follow these 6 tips in 2022, the probability of you having a happy and healthy year is very high!


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6 Ways to Prevent Diseases in 2022 | Hakeem Dubai
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