How to have the Best Pregnancy!

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A life growing and nourishing inside you is a miracle and calls for a celebration. The nine months are spent with a roller coaster ride of emotions, one of them being stress. The stress caused can be due to hormonal changes and other external issues. Though inevitable, it can be significantly reduced through stress management and these top tips from certified specialists and Dubai mommies:

1.      Don’t ignore your body’s call for rest and sleep

It’s fine if you’re feeling sleepier than usual or if you want to stay in bed most of the day. You’re carrying a baby and there’s nothing more beautiful (and tiring at the same time!) than that. If your body wants to rest, rest then. It is best for your mental well-being and the development of your child. Some pregnant women have difficulty sleeping due to which they feel restless throughout the day. If you’re one of them, consult a doctor to get your sleep back on track.

Pregnant woman having difficulty sleeping.
Don't let stress steal your sleep!

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2.      Communicate with your loved ones or a specialist

Communication is key. Talk about what is stressing you out. It could be one reason or many and that’s perfectly okay. Talk to your partner, family or friends about your concerns and figure out things one day at a time. If you feel that you can’t express yourself around your loved ones, you can talk to your gynecologist, or even seek therapy to let your emotions out in a safe place.

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3.      Eat well

A healthy body equals a healthy mind. Sure, give into the occasional cravings and pamper yourself with comfort food but make sure that your daily routine comprises of healthy, organic food full of vitamins and minerals needed for your baby’s development. Moreover, when you eat healthily, your body thanks you for it.

4.      Choose a medium to express your emotions

Not all people communicate well and many women when pregnant, suffer from mood swings. Whilst the happening is expected, the best way to channel it is by picking up a hobby such as mild exercising, sports, painting, decorating, reading or even a lunch out with friends. Things that make you happy will act as the perfect mood lifters during this period.

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5.      Focus on the baby

Divert your attention to the arrival of your family’s new member. Start preparing physically by arranging the room and collecting the things you might need soon after birth. Mentally, charge yourself by reading articles online, and attending workshops for pregnant women. Even though no two pregnant women are the same, other’s stories help. Moreover, choose your doctor and hospital for birth based on the type of delivery you’ll be having; normal or cesarean. When you’ll be focusing ahead, you’ll have little to fret upon.

Pregnant woman getting therapy.
Many pregnant women opt for therapy.

6.      Let it all go

Pregnancy can be overwhelming, and there can be a lot to decipher. Remember that having a child is a spectacular thing and that you should take it one day at a time. Practice mindfulness and just breathe in and out. You’re going to be a mom!

Hakeem’s Note: Feeling stressed in pregnancy is common but too much of it can not only make you uncomfortable but it can lead to premature birth and other health issues so just sit back, follow these tips and relax.


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How to have the Best Pregnancy!
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