Help! My Sperms Are Weak?

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If you find yourself typing our article heading in the search bar, then you have come to the right place. According to recent research, infertility issues can be found in every one in six couples. Sperm health is determined by the following factors: sperm size and shape, sperm count, sperm motility (movement) and semen volume. Infertility cannot always be cured but lifestyle changes, treatment, and medication can work wonders. In our society, having healthy sperm is related to a man’s ‘manliness’ and so, problems can arise if there’s a low sperm count or poor sperm health. If you feel that your relationship is being impacted, opt for marriage counseling.

Note: Erectile dysfunction can also affect sperm quality.

Here are Hakeem’s tips for boosting male fertility:

1.      Balance your exercise

Whilst being obese can lower testosterone levels, exercising too much can decrease sperm quality as well. Keep an adequate amount of physical activity planned for the day. Even thirty minutes of brisk walking can reduce your risk of heart disease and help you maintain your weight.

2.      Reduce your limit of caffeine

Morning coffee can be addictive and is vital for most people for a productive day’s start. However, caffeine has been linked to damaging of sperm. If you’re keen on an early morning drink then switch to flavored tea or fresh juice.

3.      Don’t take too much stress

Cortisol is a steroid hormone which when raised can lower testosterone levels. And too much stress and tension can cause a rise in cortisol production. Breathe in, breathe out and relax. If you feel stressed all the time, get professional help.

4.       Get enough vitamins

Vitamin D and C are both beneficial for sperm production. Vitamin C helps improve sperm quality and vitamin D helps boost testosterone levels. Indulge in edibles rich in these vitamins.

5.      Take supplements

Supplements prescribed by a specialist can help your body regulate the production of healthier sperm. The pills can also lift your mood, and have an overall positive impact on sexual health.

6.      Get enough sleep

Our body needs its rest. Sleep allows your body to reset itself. Insomniac patients have been found to have poor semen quality. Sleeping disorders can be treated. Click here to get your beauty sleep back today.

7.      Make nuts your best-friend

In a study, it was found that men who ate nuts regularly drastically improved their sperm count. So carry a portable jar full of a delicious nut mix everywhere to munch on.

8.      Quit smoking

Smoking has been linked with decreased sperm motility and poor sperm morphology which makes it extra hard for the little guys to swim to the egg and make conception happen. Put down that cigarette now.

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Help! My Sperms Are Weak?
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