Coronavirus in Qatar: Travel Tips to Prevent Getting Infected

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With the rate of spread, experts from all over the world have stated that the virus will infect every 3 in 4 people if not taken seriously. Qatar stands on number nineteen under the most impacted countries worldwide. A total of 84,441 cases of coronavirus in Qatar have been reported from which 63,000 have recovered, 86 have died, and the remaining are currently infected.

Qatar Airways has resumed limited operations which means that they’re flying to certain countries and have imposed a travel ban on others. Recently, they offered free tickets for two, to healthcare workers across the world as a thank you for the endless efforts they’ve put forward.

According to Independent, Qatar Airways is taking complete precautionary measures to ensure the safety of the passengers and the crew. It is the latest carrier to introduce PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for its flight attendants. Social distancing will be observed during the flight and passengers will be expected to be fully covered.

Even though travel is not recommended during these strenuous times, for some it is essential. Here are some tips from specialists to have a safe COVID-free journey to your destination:

Like WebMD says, ‘you cannot control where the virus is, but you can control whether it makes its way to your body or not.’

Step 1: DON’T touch your face

We touch our face unknowingly around 20 times an hour! That’s 20 chances for the virus to infect you. If you find it hard to refrain from itching, scratching, or randomly touching your face, cover your eyes, mouth, and nose during the trip so that the germs lurking on your hands are not transmitted to these areas.

Step 2: WASH your hands as your life depends on it

Sometimes we get carried away and accidentally do touch our face, which is why it is important to have clean hands at all times. If going to the loo is difficult during the plane ride, keep sanitizing your hands. Remember to use a sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol. Don’t keep your hands moist – that’s how germs multiply.

Step 3: DON’T touch anything you don’t have to

After your hands are clean, don’t touch anything – use a paper towel or a fresh pair of gloves to open the door, or touch a surface. You can also push doors with the help of your shoulder or your elbow. The protection is worth the hassle!

Step 4: DISINFECT your surroundings

The plane has carried a lot more passengers than you. If assumingly one of them was a carrier of the virus, the germs in his cough or sneeze can stay on the surface for up to 48 hours. Carry disinfectant wipes at all times to brush off the possibility of being surrounded by germs. You can even request these from the flight attendant. Don’t be hesitant to get more than you need.

Step 5: STAY comfortable

Doctors these days are saying that irritation, worry, and stress ruins the immunity in our body which makes it difficult to ward off germs when infected. If something is worrying you, voice your opinion. It is alright to feel sick during the flight and there’s nothing shameful in wanting to use the loo multiple times an hour. Furthermore, if you’re concerned about sitting next to a passenger who is making you uncomfortable, get your seat switched.

With that being said, have a felicitous and safe flight. If you’re one of those people who’ve purchased tickets but don’t want to travel before the pandemic ends, Qatar Airways has introduced many options for the ease of its clients so that you can make the most out of your experience!

Note: After traveling, if you show any symptoms, make sure to consult a specialist immediately. Meddy offers virtual video consultations so it doesn’t matter where you are or what time it is, your doctor is just a call away.


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Coronavirus in Qatar: Travel Tips to Prevent Getting Infected
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