Delivering Your Baby in Qatar - All You Need to Know

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Thinking of planning a family? Pregnant? Need to know how the healthcare sector works? Relax and enjoy your nine months in peace because Hakeem has got you covered. Growing a human inside is a magical task that should be done without a worry in the world. Here’s a six-step guide on delivering a baby in Qatar:

Step 1: Know about your spouse’s coverage plan.

Sometimes the pregnancy is covered by your partner’s health plan and sometimes it is not. It is important to find out the details beforehand. Insurance companies at times have restrictions and deliveries are not a part of the plan. Then, there are also times when they reimburse the entire or a chunk of the payment after the process, so you need to have the amount with you during the delivery period. Understanding the coverage is vital as it lists down the insurance options, hospital choices and other details for you.

Health insurance papers and a stethoscope.
Do you have health insurance?

Step 2: Make sure that you have a health card made.

Even if you do not choose to go to a public hospital, having a health card made is quite beneficial. It allows you to visit doctors for emergencies, get subsidized medication, and save up on a lot of costs. In order to know more about how to get a health card made and what advantages it offers, read: How to Get a Health Card in Qatar – A Step by Step Guide.

Arabic woman in Qatar holding her health card.
The health card has many benefits!

Step 3: Choose a doctor from the very beginning.

By step three, you should know whether you’re going to opt for a public hospital or a private one. Remember that in a public hospital with lower costs and access to discounted medication, you cannot choose your own doctor. The doctors might be different throughout your visitation and the gynecologist for your delivery will be provided when the time comes. Also, you might have to wait for each appointment. In private hospitals, however, you’ll have the opportunity to select a doctor of your preference. With more comfort and a fleet of nurses, you won’t have to wait in lines and have all the attention you require. You can now view and book the best obstetricians, the best doctors for normal and cesarean deliveries in Qatar, online. Meddy also allows you to check the fees against each doc.

American doctor explaining the ovarian reproductive system to the patient.
Your doctor knows your body best!

Hakeem’s Note: Maternity leave in Qatar is 50 days provided that you’ve been with the employer for a year. It’s paid for!

Step 4: Learn about having a bun in the oven.

Understand your pregnancy. Make sure that your specialist addresses all your concerns. It is perfectly alright to have questions because even though books and shows are helpful, every pregnancy is unique. Your body might not react in the way your neighbor Sana’s body did. Many women choose to get a prenatal screening done to rule out any possibilities of birth defects, high-risk and ectopic pregnancy.

Pregnant African woman reading a book in bed.
Make the most out of your time!

Step 5: Maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Give in to your cravings and make the most of your time, but keep a chart to know how much weight gain is natural. Many women find it hard to shed the weight after the birth of their child. The key to a happy pregnancy is to eat a healthy diet and make sure that you don’t miss out on the nourishment needed for the baby’s development. You can also make a personalized plan best suited to your needs with the help of a good nutritionist.

A pregnant African woman having cookies and orange juice in bed.
A healthy body = a healthy mind.

Read: Bun in the Oven – 6 Pregnancy Hacks

Step 6: Do the homework beforehand.

Now that you’ve got most of the pre-delivery work out of the way, it’s time to think of the post-delivery hassle. Hakeem advises you to do this beforehand so that with the adorable creature in your arms, you don’t panic. The first and foremost thing to do is to get the child’s birth certificate made. You can apply for the child’s birth certificate at top private hospitals: Al Ahli, and Al Emadi. Here are the instructions to get a birth certificate for your child through public hospitals:

  • Download and fill out the paper form and submit it to the MoPH building or birth registration offices in hospitals.
  • Pay appropriate fees. (QR 20)
  • Attach all the required documents:

First: New Qatari Births - Born in Qatar

Qatari Father + Qatari Mother

  • Original ID of husband and wife + copy of each
  • Copy of marriage certificate
  • Original vaccination card + copy and notification of live birth

Qatari Father + Non-Qatari Mother

  • Original ID of husband and wife + copy of each
  • Original + copy of Wife’s passport (residence permit or entry visa for non-GCC citizens should be attached).
  • Copy of marriage certificate
  • Marriage Approval by MoI for non GCC Citizens
  • Original vaccination card + copy + notification of live birth

Second: New Qatari Births - Born Abroad

  • Original ID of husband and wife + copy of each.
  • Original + Copy of wife’s passport (residence permit or entry visa for non-GCC citizens should be attached).
  • Copy of Marriage Certificate.
  • Marriage Approval by MoI for non-GCC Citizens.
  • Original Child Birth Certificate (authenticated from country of birth).
  • Exit - entry permit.
  • Blood group.

Third: New Non-Qatari Births - Born in Qatar

  • Original valid passport of husband and wife + copy of each
  • Valid residence permit (or entry visa for non-residents)
  • Original vaccination card + copy + notification of live birth
  • Copy of marriage certificate

Hakeem's Note: The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) issues birth certificates for children born in Qatar. Children born to foreign nationals are not entitled to Qatari nationality.

Adorable Asian baby born.
At the end, all the hassle will be worth it!

Now that you’re well-equipped and understand all there is to know about delivering your bundle of joy in Qatar, we hope that you have a healthy and blissful pregnancy!


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Delivering Your Baby in Qatar - All You Need to Know
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