Hair Horror – The Causes and Cures of Hair Baldness in Men

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On average, a human being can lose up to ninety strands of hair daily. And it’s alright – because the hair will grow back quicker and thicker, based on your nutrition intake. However, for some people, it is not that simple. They lose hair, they lose more hair and that’s about it – the hair does not grow back. And before they know it, they’ve got missing patches of hair and an exposed scalp that they’re desperately trying to hide. No one wants to suffer from partial, complete or any form of baldness. It makes one appear old, causes low self-esteem, depression, and anxiety.

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In order to battle baldness, it is important to learn what causes it:

1.      Genes

It’s not your fault, and it’s probably not your parent’s fault either. With those beautiful eyes of yours and that charming smile, the genes somehow caused hair loss too. Hair loss might run in your family but it is important to know that you can control it. In order to check if the baldness is genetic or if some medication or external factor is causing it, consult with a hair specialist.

Bald father and son surprised.
You can't control your genes, but you can get new hair!

2.      Medical treatments

Treatments like radiation and chemotherapy cause the hair to fall out. If you’re a cancer survivor, know that you’re a brave, soul and that once the treatment is finished, your hair will grow back. If you’re on medication, you can discuss hair treatment options with your oncologist. A cooling cap can help control hair loss.

Sad bald man staring at a brush.
Want to feel the brush stroking your hair strands again?

3.      Scalp infections

Do you know that tinea captitis is a fungal infection that causes the scalp to be itchy, the roots to weaken and the hair to gradually fall out? This ‘ringworm’ infection can be tackled with medication, oil and shampoo treatments and can be kept from reoccurring through regular check-ups and good care of the scalp.

Hakeem’s Note: Smoking has been linked to causing baldness in men. Put down that rotten cigarette now!

Man refusing a cigarette.
Say NO to smoking!

4.      Stress

If you can’t change it, why worry about it? Worry only causes harm, and nothing else. You might be losing chunks of your bushy hair because of stress. If you feel that you cannot control your emotions and that stress is inevitable, you can opt for stress management.

Stressed business man in an office.
Like they say, stress creates a mess!

5.      Alopecia

Individuals suffering from alopecia lose hair from different parts of the body – mainly their head caused by the body’s inability to grow new hair or stop existing hair growth. Unfortunately, it is has no cure, but doctors can help control the condition and make patients with alopecia lead better lives.

The back shot of an alopecia patient.
Missing patches of hair is an alarming symptom of alopecia. 

6.      Thyroid disease

The hair loss in this condition is apparent after a specific time and can often go undiagnosed. It is important to get the disease treated before going for a hair loss treatment.

Man examining his hair loss in a mirror.
Don't fret. Explore your options. Go for treatment.

7.      An unhealthy diet

When your body does not get the nourishment it needs (minerals and vitamins), it can cause thinning of hair and sudden hair fall. It is important to decipher that your scalp needs its fuel to grow healthy hair. If you feel that your diet is to blame, get a personalized diet plan made by a dietitian now. Other than overcoming hair loss, it can help your skin glow, make you lose or maintain weight and can also make your daily productivity better.

A healthy diet to prevent hair loss.
Such vibrant and delicious substitutes for processed food!

Baldness can be cured, here’s how:

1.      Hair transplant surgery

When we talk about hair transplantation, we refer to taking hair from one part of the head (or body) and ‘transplanting’ it to the bald patches. This surgical procedure allows the head to grow new hair. 10 to 80% of the hair is expected to grow back in some months. As of now, this is the most successful technique to get rid of male pattern baldness.

2.      Scalp reduction

This procedure aims to remove most of the scalp’s part impacted by hair loss. Sometimes it can completely eliminate the need for a hair transplant. The skin which has hair is moved to the area with less or no hair. Howsoever, it should be noted that not all people can get this treatment done. It will not work on hair loss caused by certain illnesses, and on heads with multiple bald patches, no matter how small.

3.      Diet change

Switch to a healthy lifestyle in order to regain hair growth. These edibles should be included in your daily diet as they’re known to prevent hair loss: carrots, prunes, green peas, oats, shrimps, walnuts, eggs and low-fat dairy products. Alongside a nourishing diet, you can also opt for medicated hair oils and reduce styling hair on a daily basis.

It’s 2019, the year of coconut smelling shampoos and exotic wooden combs. Book an appointment with a hair specialist now and get the hair you deserve!


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Hair Horror – The Causes and Cures of Hair Baldness in Men
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