Do You Know that these Food Items Speed up Your Aging Process?

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In ancient times, scientists worked for years trying to invent a portion that could stop mankind’s aging. Whilst we still haven’t discovered that antidote, there are numerous beauty products available in the market that can help fight the aging process, based on your skin type and your dermatologist’s recommendation. But, what’s going in our body is just as important as what’s going on our body. You might think that a frosted cupcake and a handful of harmless French fries won’t add years to your face but think again!

Hakeem’s Advice: Always remember that clear and radiant skin is an ‘inside job’. What you eat will show!

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According to research, here are some edibles that can wrinkle your face before time:

1)      All things sugar

Woman choosing an apple over a donut.
That apple is going to do wonders for your skin!

Ranking number one on the list of food that makes you age faster, sugar literally acts as a catalyst in the speeding process. It has the potential to loosen our skin and damage the skin’s collagen. If you suffer from joint pain, sugary drinks are a big no-no! It can cause inflammation and is an early sign of osteoarthritis!

Hakeem’s Replacement:If you’re diabetic or you have a tendency to eat a lot of sugar, switch to healthy sweets such as honey, dates, homemade granola bars, low-carb peanut butter cookies, and fruit yogurt.

2)      Processed meat

A 'no processed meat' sign.
If it ain't organic, it ain't going in my body!

Some people believe that little amounts of processed meat are good for the diet but the truth is that this meat is anything but an anti-aging food. It is rich in sodium which dehydrates your skin and causes puffiness around the cheeks.

Hakeem’s Replacement: Have tuna and fish which are a great source of protein. Include a bowl of veggie salad with minimal dressing to go with it. Vegetables provide nourishment to the skin, making it appear fresh and supple.

3)      Caffeine

Shocked man being punched by morning coffee.
The punch that not only wakes you up, but ruins your skin too!

Wash your face, brush your teeth and have a healthy breakfast. This will keep you up and about just as much as your regular dose of morning coffee does. A limited amount is pleasurable but consistently having it is certainly not good for your skin. It can make you more prone to acne!

Hakeem’s Replacement: Some healthy alternatives to coffee include Kombucha tea (detoxifies skin and improves elasticity) and coconut water (acts as a natural skin toner and even reduces hair fall!)

4)      Cheese

Food photography of a delicious grilled cheese sandwich.
Like Amy from F.R.I.E.N.D.S says, 'a minute on the lips, forever on the hips!'

A low-dairy diet can help prevent wrinkling. A little cheese here and there might add taste to the food, but an excess of it causes inflammation and acne.

Hakeem’s Replacement: Make homemade avocado (soften and hydrates the skin!), butter and vegetable sauces to fill-in for the cheese cravings.

Remember that to purify your skin, you need to understand your skin’s needs better.

5)      French fries

Asian woman resisting junk food being offered to her.
No thank you. I prefer my skin over junk food!

Fried potatoes cause obesity and because they’re embedded with salt, they rob the skin of its water thus making it appear dull. They also make individuals break out.

Hakeem’s Replacement: If you’re fond of potatoes, switch to sweet potatoes and instead of frying them, bake them!

Hakeem’s Tip: To keep that skin looking younger and flawless, drink lots of water and exercise!

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Do You Know that these Food Items Speed up Your Aging Process?
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