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We all value our sleep. For some people, a cozy bed and the sound of soothing music is the way to achieve a good slumber. For others, it comes naturally – the moment they place their head on the pillow, they drift off to dreamland. However, many people in the world struggle to fall asleep. If you’re one of those people, it’s important to consult a specialist. Sleeping disorders can cause low productivity, depression, and fatigue.

Hakeem Fact: Insomnia can be caused by stress, jet lag, an excessive amount of coffee intake, mood disorders and some medication.

Here is a list of edibles which will put your body and mind both to rest and help you regulate your sleeping cycle:

1.      Warm Milk

One of my fondest childhood memories is of my mother making me slurp down a glass of lukewarm milk. Even though I despised it at first, but I soon realized that sweet sleep came after. If your child doesn’t like to drink milk, you can always mix a tad bit of flavored powder to diminish the milky taste. Milk contains sleep-promoting compounds.

Smiling boy having milk in bed.
Remember to gargle after having your milk!

2.      Chamomile Tea

If you believe in traditional methods, this one is for you! For centuries, people have believed in the wonders of chamomile tea. It soothes and puts one to sleep. People use the herb to cure insomnia.

Hakeem Fact: If you wake up feeling like you've not slept at all, you might have sleep apnea!

3.      Nuts

Walnuts and almonds contain melatonin – a hormone that helps correct your sleep cycle! Carry a box of nuts with you on the go and have the nuts as a snack between meals. You can also soak the almonds in water overnight and remove their peel. They’re also super low in sugar so you’re good to go!

4.      Kiwi Fruit

This exotic fruit has been included in a sleep study which suggests that consuming it an hour before bedtime makes people fall asleep faster! Mothers also feed it to their children to help them sleep on time. Howsoever, to see promising results you may have to practice having it for at least a month.

Hakeem Fact: Sleep walking can be dangerous! It's most likely to occur when a person is sleep deprived.

5.      White Rice

This treat is a favorite around the globe. Though it should be eaten in controlled portions due to it being a complex carbohydrate, if consumed some hours before sleeping, it proves to effectively improve the sleeping cycle.

A family who sleeps well, stays well!

6.      Fish

Order than tuna and gulp down that salmon dish because fatty fish induces drowsiness and contains a large amount of Vitamin D. People who eat it as a substitute for chicken and beef fall asleep faster than people who consume other poultry.

7.      Lettuce

Leafy greens are always good. They make you lose weight, keep your immune system healthy, and it can grant you great sleep! Science suggests that lettuce has a mild-sedative hypnotic effect.

Hakeem’s Advice: Avoid spicy food which causes heartburn, drinks that have caffeine and having meals right before going to bed.

Sleep is important and it resets and charges us for the next day. Yawn! Just writing this article made me sleepy. Thanks to the expert doctor I found at Meddy, I have absolutely no problem in falling asleep!


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Food That Helps You Sleep Better
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