How to Boost Your Immune System to Battle the Coronavirus

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Numerous reports regarding the Covid-19 are pouring in on a daily basis. With CNN saying that the bats are not responsible for the outbreak, and Live Science reporting that the crisis could last up to 18 months, the news keeps changing and baffling us each time. There are a total of 724,759 reported cases with 34,000+ deaths around the world. The UAE has 570 cases and 3 deaths, however, the number is much lower than those of other countries. The lock-down in the UAE is aiding to add no further cases for a day. During these chaotic times with rapidly changing numbers and news, we’re sure about one thing: there are ways to armor your body against the virus beforehand with the following tips in mind:

1.      Don’t smoke

Whilst this is general advice in life, it applies to immunity-building against the virus. According to, smokers have a high risk of catching these infectious diseases and battling them. We all know that coronavirus is a respiratory tract infection that causes breathing problems and for smokers, this issue can be severe.

2.      Sleep away your worries

An adequate amount of sleep can prevent a lot of health issues. A research was conducted in a controlled environment with people inoculated with the common cold virus. It was reported that insomniacs and individuals who slept less than three hours were more prone to getting it. Less sleep depreciates the immune system’s ability to fight against diseases. If you have problems sleeping, practice a relaxing bedtime ritual, avoid afternoon power naps, get some exercise, and avoid heavy meals in the evening. A comfortable mattress and pillow can help you sleep better too.

3.      Eat like a champion

Cut out the sugars. They’re no good in fighting bad bacteria, in fact, they’re known to slow down your body’s ability to fight against harmful substances. Instead, incorporate a lot of fruits in your diet. According to Insider’s research, no specific food is required to keep you well. Not getting all the fibers, minerals, vitamins, carbs and protein can increase your chances of catching the disease. Eat healthy and eat well. Now that we’re practicing self-quarantine, we can try recipes and make mealtime fun. Remember to order food that you know has been prepared in a hygienic condition because Covid-19 can be transmitted through food and food packaging. When preparing the food yourself, wash your hands and the raw edibles thoroughly.

4.      Fast like a champion too

According to, fasting resets the body’s immune system, allowing it to ward off all illnesses. Intermittent fasting is a popular type of fasting these days which is an eating pattern that cycles between fasting and eating. However, consult a nutritionist for a personalized diet plan if you’re not healthy enough to fast.

5.      Manage your stress

Mental well-being attributes to the body’s health. It’s acceptable to feel anxious and depressed during this challenging time, however, do not let it build up inside of you. Stress leaves your body more susceptible to catching the sickness. These days from stocking up on toilet paper to stressing if there’s still enough has heightened the anxiety of many. Stress can be inevitable but managing it is not. Don’t feel hesitant in opening up to your loved ones. We’re all in this together!

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6.      Get some physical activity

We all know how beneficial exercise is. You don’t need a high-intensity exercise routine. From brisk walking thirty minutes to working out inside the house or playing ball with the kids, incorporate any sort of physical activity in your routine. Remember that shared gym equipment and exercise machines can spread the virus. Stay home and exercise.

Dad and son working out in the living room.
Family workouts can be fun!

7.      Wash your hands

We might not have a vaccine for the virus yet, but we know what can kill it instantly: hand washing. Washing your hands properly for twenty seconds with soap or rubbing it with a hand sanitizer (with at least 60% alcohol) can destroy the germs. So wash your hands as often as you can!

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How to Boost Your Immune System to Battle the Coronavirus
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