How to Feel Better on a Gloomy Day

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Where there’s day, there’s night. Where there’s good, there’s bad and just like that where there’s happiness there is sadness and the two of them make up life as it is. If something has gotten you feeling gloomy, remember that after a rainy day, there comes a rainbow so hang in there, beautiful cupcake. Here’s your three-minute read to joy:

1.      Talk it out

Building up your emotions and storing them inside impacts your mental well-being. Communication is the best key to feeling at peace. Whatever it is that bothers you, or makes you feel sad, should be discussed with your loved ones. If you feel that you can’t open up to your family or friends about a problem, go to a therapist instead. Gone are the days when therapy was taboo. Make 2020 the year of internal peace.

Husband and wife getting couple therapy.
You can even get couple therapy to talk things out around a third person. 

2.      Wake up 15 minutes early

This may seem challenging at first but honestly, it’s a great tip to get your day started. Waking up just a little early will make you stay ahead of your daily chores and tasks. It will also allow you to indulge in a quick exercise, finish a book, fix yourself a healthy breakfast or get a pending thing cut-off from your to-do list.

3.      Plan ahead

You’ll feel so much better when your mind is tension-free regarding the future. If you easily get stressed, read these top tips to stay stress-free. Planning your days ahead will allow you to focus on the present.

4.      Focus on the positive

This may seem like a quote to be printed on a key ring, but if you practice it in daily life, your perspective will change. Some people are habitual when it comes to just focusing on the inevitable bad, which makes them feel lousy. Here’s advice from Nida, a Dubai based mom: “Write down all the productive things that you’ve done throughout the day and the good happenings. They’ll almost always weigh more than the disturbing things. Life’s all about perspective and a good psychologist.”

5.      Do a good deed

Reward yourself with the happiness of having made someone else happy. It’s an instant mood-lifter! It can range from helping the needy to just checking on a friend.

Bonus Hacks:

6.      Munch on nuts

Food goes to the heart! Nuts are a natural source of omega-3 fats which help relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety.

A variety of nuts in a glass jar.
A variety of nuts in a jar - you can carry it everywhere with you!

7.      Live a clutter-free life

A de-cluttered environment equals a de-cluttered life. Stats suggest that living in a messy house or working in a messy office, can add to the tension. Marie Kondo, a Japanese author who has written best-selling novels on organization and the art of living has come up with the KonMari method that helps people lead a clutter-free life. The method entails that ‘what doesn’t spark joy’ has to go from the house.

8.      Put YOU first

Research suggests that individuals who repeatedly don’t put themselves first develop low self-esteem. Yes, it’s great to think about others but not when your mental health is at stake. Moreover, take out time for yourself to do things that relax you and make you happy. Pamper yourself with a hydrafacial – the trendiest beauty treatment of today because if you look good, you feel good! Get those pearly whites in shape for a great smile, travel with your better half and work on your body by fixing a meal plan with a nutritionist!


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How to Feel Better on a Gloomy Day
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