How to Get a Medical License to Practice in Dubai

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Dubai is the city of cultural diversity, tourism, and medical and technological progression. Life in Dubai is busy. People from around the world travel for leisure and business purposes and many aim to settle in this futuristic city for a promising life. In short, it’s the fastest-growing city, with the tallest buildings and the grandest occasions. Alongside the extravagance that it offers, it allows its citizens to live a healthy and secure life by providing state of the art healthcare facilities and certified specialists.

As a practicing doctor, if you wish to settle and earn in this happening hub, here’s exactly how you can do so:

1.      Know the authorities that issue the license

There are four licensing authorities; DHA (Dubai Health Authority), MOH (Ministry of Health), DHCC (Dubai Healthcare City) and HAAD (Health Authority Abu Dhabi). DHA has four government hospitals of Dubai under it and has the authority to give licenses in the Emirate of Dubai. If you get a license from DHCC, you can only practice in its territory. HAAD has the authority over Abu Dhabi and if you obtain a license from MOH, you can practice in northern emirates (not Dubai and Abu Dhabi).

2.      Check the eligibility

The license can be issued to the following people:

·        Resident doctors

·        Consultants

·        Nurse practitioner

·        Registered midwife

·        Interns

·        Specialists

·        Dentists

·        General practitioners

·        Homeopathy doctors

·        Ayurveda doctors

3.      Understand the procedure (DHA)

The procedure consists of the following steps:

1.      The doctor has to register him/herself on the official DHA website.

2.      Then, the online form has to be filled after checking the initial requirements.

3.      The payment has to be made. After this step, DHA will validate the applicant’s credentials.

4.      The doctor has to appear for an exam. After checking the exam’s requirements, a date has to be selected to give it.

5.      Once the doctor clear’s the exam, DHA will issue an eligibility letter.

6.      The doctor will now upload the labor and insurance card and make the payment.

7.      Now the license will be issued to the doctor.

4.      Know the total time-frame

DHA will take 2-4 weeks to review the initial application. Once the exam is given and cleared, the labor and insurance card has to be uploaded in under 5 working days. The license will then be issued in 2 working days.

Medical License in dubai
Medical License in dubai

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How to Get a Medical License to Practice in Dubai
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