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Sexual health and coronavirus in Qatar

We all know that coronavirus cannot be sexually transmitted, but that does mean that the virus outbreak cannot affect your sexual health. Before getting into the gist of it, it is important to understand that if you or your partner are exhibiting signs of the infection, or have been in contact with an infected person, then you should not engage in sexual activity. In such a case, you should not only avoid sexual intimacy but should also cut off all physical contact – and isolate yourself.

Qatar stands on the twentieth most impacted state, with over 100,000 cases, 93,000 of which have fully recovered. Despite the decent recovery rate, the virus continues to spread. 550 cases have been reported today. Due to the lockdown period, in most Gulf States, a baby boom is expected by the end of 2020. This entails that people have been engaging in sex more than before. However, as reported by macrotrends the current birth rate in Qatar has seen a 1.75% decline. This might be due to displeasure and lack of libido caused by the pandemic.

“Due to the stress I was taking after being laid off because of the virus, I did not acknowledge my wife’s needs for a long time. Sex is a healthy part of marriage,” says Akram, a businessman, working from home. “The negativity takes a toll on you and it impacts your ability to desire sex. However, talking to a therapist helped me feel better and perform well.”

In what ways can the pandemic affect my sexual health and how can I counter them?

1.   You may feel mentally occupied

Due to the unforeseen happenings and the aftermath of the infectious spread, a lot of troublesome news is circulating on social media platforms. Furthermore, there is death and sickness all around, and an inability to meet family members. Because of this, the mind feels stressed and the decision making capability is hindered. With a lot on the mind, it is difficult to focus on a passionate act. If this is the case with you, then prepare to unwind. Have a social media/ television detox and engage in something you like – it could be taking a hot bath, reading a good book, or even thirty minutes of exercise to lighten up the mood. This unwinding will act as stress-relief foreplay and will help you focus better on your sexual health.

2.   You may not perform well

This doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with your body. If the problem has arisen during the chaotic outbreak, chances are that it is only physiological. However, for betterment judgment, schedule an online video consultation with a urologist and get treatment from the comfort of your home.

3.   You may not want sex at all

According to clinical sexologist Sarah Melancon, not being interested in sex is completely normal during a global pandemic. Without any reason, you might not crave for it. However, during this time it is important to communicate with your partner to let him/her know about your thoughts and if a middle ground can be achieved.

4.   Your partner may not want sex at all

You might want to relieve your anxiety through sex, but your partner may not be on the same boat. According to Healthline, spending a lot of time with your partner can eliminate the need for sex for more days. But know that this is not permanent! Factually speaking, the longer you don’t have sex, the more you’ll enjoy it when you’ll have it.

5.   The surrounding may make it difficult to have sex

90% of Qataris are living in their homes with their family members, which means that everyone is at home the entire time. Children aren’t going to school and parents are working from home. Due to timing, work, and performing household chores, sex might become a task rather than an act of love. The best way to overcome this is to prioritize and set a schedule.

In conclusion, talk about it, discuss what you want and your moods with your partner, be more affectionate during this trying time, and make time for sex, because good sexual health is important for one's mental well-being! However, if you don’t feel like it, know that you’re not alone and that this too shall pass!


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How to not let the Pandemic impact your Sexual Health | Hakeem Qatar
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