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I won’t be wrong if I say that you’re just a walk away from happiness, a perfect body, and great health. That’s right. Brisk walking can work wonders. There’s no set amount of steps and speed for this walk, you can walk on your own pace. How great is that?

Hakeem Fact: Just walking 30 minutes every day can drastically reduce your risk of suffering from diabetes, heart conditions, osteoporosis and some type of cancers.

Initially, it might be a hard habit to adapt to if your body is not used to any physical activity but stay motivated, because remarkable results lie ahead:

1.      You’ll lose weight

By walking, you’ll be burning calories which will ultimately burn fat. However, you’ll need to create a calorie deficit for that which means that you’ll have to consume less than you burn. For example, after calculating her BMI, Sarah realizes that in order to maintain her weight, she needs to consume 2000 calories a day. Now, if Sarah starts to consume less than 2000 calories or even 2000 daily and walks each day, she’ll be burning some calories off, hence creating a calorie deficit to lose weight. But don’t only keep weight loss in mind. It’ll happen eventually. Just make walking daily a habit!

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2.      You’ll lower your blood sugar

According to research, walking for just 15 minutes post meals can lower your blood sugar. Other easy ways to lower blood sugar include staying hydrated, controlling carb intake, increasing fiber intake and controlling stress levels.

3.      You’ll prevent joint pain

If you have osteoarthritis walking can help reduce joint and ankle pain. The stiffness, ache, and fatigue improves with regular exercise. Brisk walking helps strengthen and lubricate the muscles.

Husband wife walking with their dog.
Walk with a friend, your partner and even your dog for a good time!

4.      You’ll improve your immunity

Bid farewell to diseases because your immunity to fight against all viruses will be boosted with your power walk. A study found out that individuals who walked for 30 minutes a day did not get flu and cold during the season as compared to the people with a less active lifestyle.

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5.      You’ll improve your mood

Exercise releases endorphins – a hormone that helps elevate your mood. Studies show that moderate exercise daily can help reduce anxiety and depression.

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6.      You’ll be more energetic

Believe it or not, exercise can help you kick start your day better than coffee. It can raise your energy levels, making you more productive and efficient throughout the day. Scientifically speaking, walking helps increase oxygen levels and this also impacts the production of cortisol and other happy hormones. Walking will also help improve the digestion process.

Happy African American walking to work.
If you can't walk during your job, walk to your job!

7.      You’ll improve your thought process

Have an important decision to make and can’t think straight? Walk it out! Walking helps the mind make clearer and better decisions. It also allows the mind to think creatively and outside the box. You can make the best decisions of your life or come up with a great business plan just by walking!

Note: If you have any underlying medical conditions, always speak to a doctor prior to starting a new fitness routine.

With these 7 benefits to get you to walk, remember to set realistic goals, track your process and walk in the right gear!


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The Benefits of Brisk Walking | Hakeem Dubai
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