The Types of Braces you can get in 2020

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Why live with crooked and uneven teeth when you can get flawlessly aligned pearly whites? Why cover your mouth when giggling when you deserve to laugh out loud? Do you know that your smile is one of the very first things that people notice when they see you? That’s right – your smile is a major part of your personality and this year, we’ll make sure that you smile without a worry in the world!

Getting a Hollywood smile is just one of the many benefits of braces. The aftermath of getting the dental treatment done includes improved self-esteem, reduced risk of tooth decay, improved chewing, better tooth cleaning and even improved speech.

Here are the types of braces you can get in 2020 from the top dentists near you:

1.      Invisalign

Transparency put to work!

The latest option, Invisalign is for people who need mild teeth transitions. They’re transparent, easily removable and do not require any wires and brackets. They’re custom made for each patient and give the freedom of drinking and eating with ease. As compared to other options, they’re expensive and need to be changed every two weeks.

2.      Traditional metal braces

Metal braces
Temporary pain with a lot of gain!

These have been around for the longest time. The most familiar type of braces made out of metal and wires, are attached to the teeth and require fixing after a specific period. Nowadays, an option with less discomfort is available. Heat-activated metal braces are available which use the mouth’s heat to align teeth quickly.

3.      Ceramic braces

ceramic braces
You can't even spot them!

This is the option most individuals opt for since it’s the same as traditional metal braces with the advantage of ceramic ones being less noticeable. They’re just as effective and the ceramic they’re made of matches the color of the teeth. However, they’re more costly than metal braces.

4.      Damon braces

Damon braces
They're worth the hassle!

Popular than all the other types, these braces are self-ligating braces that come with specialized clips and no rubber bands. They offer faster results, more choice (you can get metal ones or transparent ones), the ease to clean, fewer clinic visits and less friction. These painless beauties are the perfect way to get that spectacular smile.

5.      Lingual braces

incognito braces
A little slow, but incognito braces do the trick!

These braces are actually traditional metal braces put on the backside of your teeth. The treatment time is longer, and teeth brushing is tougher but people go for it because the braces aren’t visible. They're also known as incognito braces.

Not sure if you need braces or not? Click here to read the obvious signs. When you decide to get braces, discuss your concerns with a dentist. After examining your teeth, the dentist can tell you which option provides the best results for you.

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The Types of Braces you can get in 2020
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