Top 10 Radiologists in Dubai

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Radiologists are medical professionals who execute and encode X-rays, CT scans, ultrasounds, MRIs and other such medical images. They diagnose abnormalities and perform image-guided procedures. Because of the rapid advancements in technology, radiologists are in demand in the healthcare sector.

Here are Dubai’s top 10 radiologists:

1.      Dr. Syed Hasnain

A well-known and credible consultant, Dr. Syed is no ordinary radiologist. He is an interventional radiologist who can speak in six languages and can treat and diagnose a huge array of diseases. He is affiliated with many medical societies and academies and he is also a member of multiple boards. He also has a five-star rating!

2.      Dr. Dunia Gazi

This talented individual is a member of the Danish Board of Diagnostic Radiology. With Dr. D, you’re just an ultrasound away from relief!

3.      Dr. Shalma Shireen Ahmad

Present at the American Hospital, Dr. Shalma is one of the top radiologists in Dubai. She has more than thirty-seven years of experience in the field.

4.      Dr. Hua Carolyn Yang

Dr. Hua specializes in using radioactive materials, called radiopharmaceuticals for diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Remarkably talented, she’s a member of multiple health boards.

5.      Dr. Vikrant Malhotra

Dr. Vikrant is recommended by many and is available at NMC Specialty Hospital. His educational background is rich in cultural diversity.

6.      Dr. Zeinah Abu Omar

Member of the reputable Arab Board of Health Specialization, Dr. Zeinah can communicate fluently in Arabic, English, and German.

7.      Dr. Zofeen Khan

Affiliated with the College of Surgeons and Physicians in Pakistan, Dr. Zofeen's popular imagery treatments include CT scan, mammography, MRI scan, ultrasound and X-ray.

8.      Dr. Sonal Arjuna

Bilingual and with years of expertise in the field, Dr. Sonal is a member of the prestigious American Board of Radiology.

9.      Dr. Mahmoud Hamza

A specialist with over thirty-two years of experience, Dr. Hamza is a fellow of the Royal College of Radiologists, UK. He’s available for treatment at American Hospital Dubai.

10.  Dr. Amany Kamaleldin

A professional at GMCC clinics, Dr. Amany’s popular treatments include women’s health and maternal health-care. Here’s to girl power!


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Top 10 Radiologists in Dubai
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