Top 10 Cardiologists in Dubai

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Your heart is that little champ protected by the rib cage that pumps blood for your body. It beats and you live. It’s healthy, and you’re happy. It stops and you die. It’s as simple as that, but heart complications are not that simple to comprehend which is why we have heart doctors – cardiologists, the wondrous people who make sure that we live our best lives.

Here are the top 10 cardiologists in Dubai:

1.      Dr. Mohamed Helmy

Associated with the European Society of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Dr. Mohamed specializes in cardiothoracic treatments. He has a four and a half rating.

2.      Dr. Mustapha Shaaraoui

A culturally diverse educational background from France, Lebanon, and the USA, and affiliations with two fellowships and three prestigious boards, Dr. Mustapha is an excellent cardiologist.

3.      Dr. Ala Eldin Farasin

A consultant and a member of multiple medical boards in Germany, Dr. Ala has a four-star rating.

4.      Dr. Upendra Shah

With twenty-seven years of treating heart problems, Dr. Upendra provides quick relief to his patients. He is available at the NMC Specialty Hospital.

5.      Dr. Ramy Abdelkader

Known as a specialized professional with great treatment plans, Dr. Ramy is Dubai’s finest heart doctor.

6.      Dr. Srinivasan Kandasamy

With eight years of experience, specialist Dr. Kandasamy can fluently communicate in English, Tamil, and Telugu. He is also recommended to others by his patients.

7.      Dr. Abdelaziz Gomaa Ibrahim

From arrhythmias, cardiac failure, to heart diseases, Dr. Abdelaziz is your key to a healthy heart. He is also a member of the Board of Computed Tomography.

8.      Dr. Allam Adnan

A member of the American Board of Interventional Cardiology, Dr. Allam specializes in diagnosing and treating diseases or conditions of the heart and blood vessels.

9.      Dr. Mohamed Salem

A consultant with twenty-one years of experience, Dr. Mohamed is a member of the reputable American Board of Internal Medicine.

10.  Dr. Rajan Maruthanayagam

With many promising reviews and ratings, Dr. Rajan is a top, qualified specialist. He is located at Zulekha Hospital.


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Top 10 Cardiologists in Dubai
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