Top 10 Dietitians in Dubai

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It is a struggle to eat healthy, organic food in this era of busy living with junk food being a phone call away. As of 2019, the stats suggest that around 40% of the world’s individuals are overweight. That is almost half the population on the brick of heart disease and health issues! Nutritious eating no longer has to be so difficult. With the help of certified dietitians, meal plans can be customized to your body’s specific needs. These plans can not only help you lose weight but can help you gain and maintain weight too. For some people, they work wonders with regulating their hormonal balance. Remember, a fit body equals a fit you.

Here are Dubai’s top 10 dietitians:

1.      Ms. Maya Kobeissi

Affiliated with multiple networks, Ms. Maya specializes in promoting nutritional well-being. She’s available at GMCClinics.

2.      Ms. Farah Aboul Hosn

Ms. Farah has a culturally diverse educational background and she is a member of many notable academies and associations.

3.      Ms. Jeanete Darakjian

With twenty-one years of expertise in the field of nutrition, Ms. Jeanete will leave your body in perfect shape and health.

4.      Mrs. Deepa Thomas

Troubled with what to eat and what not to? Mrs. Deepa is an expert when it comes to personalized meal planning. Let her break it down for you!

5.      Ms. Sirine Takieddine

Gone are the days when diabetic patients had to strictly control their diet. Ms. Sirine’s diabetic diet plans and treatment for gestational diabetes can do wonders.

6.      Dr. Kristen Jackson

A member of the British Dietetic Association and a consultant, Dr. Kristen is one of our top recommendations.

7.      Ms. Tarannum Fatima

This wondrous woman is not only a pro in her field but is fluent in Arabic, English, Hindi, Telugu and Urdu.

8.      Ms. Shambhavi Joshi

Be it weight gain, weight loss or even weight maintenance, Ms. Joshi can give the perfect nutritional counseling.

9.      Dr. Fiji Antony

Yearning to have the nuts you’re allergic to? Can’t digest your favorite dessert? Dr. Fiji can help treat your food allergies and intolerance.

10.  Ms. Hala Abu Taha

Ms. Hala can put all your child-related worries to rest as she has spent sixteen years treating child obesity. She can be found at the American Center for Psychiatry and Neurology.


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Top 10 Dietitians in Dubai
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