Top 5 Rheumatologists in Dubai

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A rheumatologist is a specialist certified by the board who diagnoses and treats arthritis and other diseases of the joints, bones, and muscles. Chronic back pain, tendinitis, lupus, gout and osteoarthritis are common diseases treated by rheumatologists.

If pain in your joints, muscles, neck, back, and bones is persistent and has worsened over time, you should see a specialist at once. Here are Dubai’s finest rheumatologists:

1.      Dr. Said Hamdoun

A consultant with twenty-two years of experience, Dr. Said is affiliated with three prestigious societies. He’s also a member of the French Board of Rheumatology.

2.      Dr. Adel Jibril

A specialist who has worked for over thirty-two years in the field of rheumatology, Dr. Adel can provide quick relief to all aches. He also has a culturally diverse educational background.

3.      Dr. Waseem Raja

With multiple associations and fellowships, Dr. Waseem specializes in treating arthritis and diseases affecting joints, ligaments, muscles, and bones.

4.      Dr. Malgorzata Hanczyc

Popular treatments by Dr. Hanczyc include those for chronic fatigue, soft tissue injury, osteoplasty, and back pain. He’s fluent in both English and Polish.

5.      Dr. Ehab Mostafa

With a four-star rating and multiple reviews from satisfied and content patients, Dr. Ehab is recommended by most.

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Top 5 Rheumatologists in Dubai
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