Top 10 Oncologists in Dubai

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Oncologists are doctors who deal with the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of cancer. The field of oncology contains three main branches; medical, surgical and radiation. The disease cancer is an abnormal growth of cells in the body and there are around a hundred different types of it. If the illness runs in your family it is important to get regular screenings done so that you and your loved ones live a cancer-free life.

Here are the top ten oncologists in Dubai:

1.      Dr. Sukrith Shetty

A qualified oncologist with associations with medical societies and the ability to communicate in five languages, Dr. Sukrith has gotten excellent reviews from the patients.

2.      Dr. Fadi Alnehlaoui

Dr. Fadi specializes in the surgical management of both cancerous and non-cancerous tumors. This surgeon is a member of the highly regarded European Board of Surgical Oncology and also has a fellowship of Ibn Rushd Center of Oncology in Syria.

3.      Dr. Maroun El Khoury

Affiliated with multiple societies and academies, and also a member of the American Board of Internal Medicine and American Board of Oncology and Hematology, Dr. Maroun is a top recommendation.

4.      Dr. Tarek Alkhouri

Known by his patients to be a life-saver, Dr. Tarek has won the hearts of many over the span of eleven years. He can be found at Zulekha Hospital.

5.      Dr. Soha Talima

With a four-star rating, this capable woman specializes in the early detection and treatment of breast, cervix, ovarian, head and neck, and uterus cancer.

6.      Dr. Abdul Hafeez Siddiqui

Dr, Abdul Hafeez is a specialist in pediatric hematology and oncology. He has over twelve years of experience in ridding children of the disease. He is also a member of the reputable American Board of Pediatrics.

7.      Dr. Pranay Taori

Fluent in English, Hindi, and Marathi, Dr. Pranay deals with abdominal cancer, brain tumors, eyelid tumors, gynecologic oncology and lung cancer.

8.      Dr. Sivaprakash Rathanaswamy

An oncologist surgeon, Dr. Sivaprakash’s treatments include early detection of different types of cancers, hysterectomy, laryngectomy, and ovarian cystectomy.

9.      Dr. Azzam Ziade

With twenty-one years of expertise in the field, Dr. Azzam is a consultant and is known for treating lung cancer and skin cancer. He can be found at NMC Specialty Hospital.

10.  Dr. Faraz Khan

Also a consultant, Dr. Faraz specializes in the field of hematology (diseases of the blood) and he also a member of three prestigious American boards.


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Top 10 Oncologists in Dubai
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