Top 5 Pulmonologists in Dubai

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If you’re reading this, it means that you’re alive and breathing. The moment your breath stops, your body will stop functioning. Our lungs are in charge of keeping our breaths going. And pulmonologists are doctors who make sure that our lungs stay in their best health for us to live a prosperous life. In other words, a pulmonologist is a doctor who specializes in treating the respiratory system.

Here’s a list of the finest pulmonologists in Dubai based on ratings, reviews and recommendations:

1.      Dr. Vinod Pulakkat

Bid farewell to your breathing problems and inability to sleep because Dr. Vinod is a miracle man. He can be found at the NMC Specialty Hospital.

2.      Dr. Maan Jamal

Recommended by many, Dr, Maan is a consultant with a remarkable educational background and several achievements in the field of medicine.

3.      Dr. Hassan Razein

Available for treatment at the Zulekha Hospital, Dr. Hassan is affiliated with Member of the Royal Colleges of Physicians and is known to provide quick relief.

4.      Dr. Naim Aoun

A member of reputable American boards and with a fellowship in pulmonary, critical care and sleep medicine, Dr. Naim has promising reviews and a four-star rating.

5.      Dr. Salahudeen Fizal

With over thirty years of experience in the field of pulmonology, Dr. Salahudeen also specializes in internal medicine and can fluently communicate in five different languages.

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Top 5 Pulmonologists in Dubai
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