Top 10 Pediatricians in Dubai

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At one point or another, we all need to know about a good pediatrician – either for our child, or a younger sibling. Dubai offers state of the art health care facilities and remarkable specialists. However, finding a pediatrician that best suits your needs can be a challenging task. Here are Dubai’s finest pediatricians that will take care of your child’s health in the best manner:

1.      Dr. Hanna Zidan

With over twenty-two years of expertise in dealing with toddlers, Dr. Hanna specializes in treating children related endocrinology disorders. This wonder woman is also on the American Board of Pediatrics.

2.      Dr. Ahmad Ismail

Dr. Ahmad has a four-star rating and promising reviews. He’s a trustworthy choice for your child.

3.      Dr. Abeer Khayat

Known for her excellent service and thirty years of providing relief to both children and their parents, Dr. Abeer is one of the top pediatricians nestled in Dubai.

4.      Dr. Ashok Verma

Dr. Ashok is affiliated with the Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Health in the UK speaks both English and Hindi and is said to be extremely co-operative.

5.      Dr. Gaurov Jadon

Available at the NMC Specialty Hospital, Dr. Gaurov can truly make your worries vanish. He’s a pro when it comes to handling children.

6.      Dr. Lali Pataridze

With an education from Russia and the UK, the ability to communicate in five different languages and a member of the prestigious European Board of Pediatric, Dr. Lali has been termed as an excelled pediatrician.

7.      Dr. Gamal Helmy

The man of magic, Dr. Gamal is no ordinary pediatrician. He specializes in neonatology; the medical care of newborn infants.

8.      Dr. Salah Eldin Elghote

Specializing in orthopedic pediatrics, Dr. Salah deals with musculoskeletal problems in children and infants. He widely treats children suffering from genital abnormalities, hernia, and other orthopedic diseases.

9.      Dr. Nishath Ahmed

Recommended by many, with a four and a half star rating, Dr. Nishath is a second parent to the little creatures.

10.  Dr. Mohammad Rashid

Reviewed as ‘one of the best’ doctors of Dubai, Dr. Mohammad’s popular treatments range from general child health care to pediatric emergencies and malnutrition in children.

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Top 10 Pediatricians in Dubai
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