Top 5 Neurosurgeons in Dubai

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Our brain is a vast organ. It helps us think, observe and perceive. Without it, we’d not be human, and with it dying, we cannot function as a human. Neurosurgeons are specialists who perform surgical procedures on the central and nervous system and make sure that our brain is in the best of its health. It should be noted that neurosurgeons can diagnose, treat and perform surgery whilst neurologists cannot perform surgical procedures.

Here are Dubai’s finest neurosurgeons:

1.      Dr. Kais Shimal

A specialist with over twenty-three years of expertise in the field of neurology and a four-star rating, Dr. Kais is popularly known for treating brain tumors, brain aneurysms, neurodevelopmental disorders, neuropathy, and spinal cord disease. He can be found at NMC Specialty Hospital.

2.      Dr. Aseem Alhaj

A consultant affiliated with multiple medical societies, Dr. Aseem is also a member of the prestigious German Board of Neurosurgery. From chronic back pain to brain tumors, there is nothing that Dr. Aseem can’t cure. He can be found at Emirates Hospital.

3.      Dr. Muhammad Qazafi

Dr. Muhammad has spent nineteen years providing quick relief to his patients. Recommended by many, he has a promising educational background, rich in cultural diversity. He can be found at Westminster Ortho Med Clinic.

4.      Dr. Rajesh Kumar

A fellow of the European Board of Neurological Surgery and the ability to fluently communicate in four languages, Dr. Rajesh is known to leave his patients satisfied. He can be found at Zulekha Hospital.

5.      Dr. Ashraf Shatla

A consultant who has dedicated thirty years to diagnosing and treating patients with cognitive illnesses, Dr, Ashraf can cure a wide array of diseases. He is bilingual and can be found at Emirates Hospital.

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Top 5 Neurosurgeons in Dubai
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