Top 10 Physiotherapists in Dubai

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Known as miracle workers, physiotherapists help individuals impacted by injury, sickness or disability to prevent further illness, treat current conditions and maintain a healthy lifestyle through physical movement, therapy, and advice. They prefer exercise and therapeutic treatments over medication and surgery. Also called physical therapy, the procedure has been around for centuries. From helping athletes perform better, to not letting injured souls lose hope, from curing chronic back pain, to scientifically treating vertigo, physiotherapy might just be the solution to your problem.

Here are the best physiotherapists in Dubai:

1.      Mr. Nedeljko Radomirovic

A physical therapist at ZIA medical center, Mr. Nedeljko has remarkable reviews and a 4.5-star rating from many content patients.

2.      Mrs. Annemie Korkie

A member of the South African Physiotherapy Society, Mrs. Annemie will make sure you never complain about back pain again. She’s also known to treat sports injuries.

3.      Ms. Fathima Nilufer

Recommended by her patients, Dr. Fathima can exercise all your aches away. She can be found at Zulekha Hospital.

4.      Ms. Saloni Jaiswal

Known to provide quick relief, Ms. Saloni is associated with the American College of Health Care Executives. She is also fluent in four languages.

5.      Ms. Renata Kouh

With multiple affiliations with medical societies and academies, Ms. Renata is Dubai’s finest physical therapist. Her treatment will leave you energetic and full of life.

6.      Mr. Marko Bukvic

Mr. Marko is a member of the Emirates Physiotherapy Society and the Olympic Committee of Serbia. He has a 4-star rating and can help aid work-related injuries.

7.      Ms. Dana Habibi

A physiotherapist with over seventeen years of experience, Ms. Dana’s treatments range from heel pain and joint pain to deep tissue massage and hand therapy. She can be found at Emirates Hospital Clinic.

8.      Dr. Mahesh Cirasanambati

A specialist with an outstanding educational background from across the world, Dr. Mahesh is a member of the reputable Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland.

9.      Mr. Ajish Padmam

Available at Zulekha Hospital, Mr. Ajish offers orthopedic rehabilitation amongst other treatments which is a form of therapy that cures a wide range of conditions impacting the musculoskeletal system.  

10.  Ms. Shahin Mulla

From osteoarthritis to cerebral palsy, Ms. Shahin has thirteen years of experience in providing physical therapy to battle diseases. She can also communicate in four languages.


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Top 10 Physiotherapists in Dubai
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