5 Hacks to Get Rid of Back Pain

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Life can be troublesome when your back turns on you. Back pain is one of the most common causes of missing work and having low productivity throughout the day. Sometimes, people get back-ache episodes when they’re stressed, and the pain goes away on its own but other times it stays for a longer period and disrupts the ability to perform everyday tasks.

Hakeem’s Just for Fun: Acupuncturists use needles to heal the person by inserting them in acupoints throughout the body. People throughout the world trust this Chinese treatment to lessen back pain. However, many studies suggest that the popular treatment gives short-term relief for chronic back pain.

Here are five tried and tested ways to eliminate back pain:

1.      Change your sleeping position

Do you know that your back pain can be a result of your sleeping position? Even if it isn’t the root cause of the pain, it might be adding to it. Hakeem suggests lying on your back whilst placing a pillow between your legs to relieve back pain. Also, make sure that your mattress is comfortable. You can read more about sleeping habits and back pain here.

back pain
You may not know this, but a good mattress is a very big blessing!

2.      Work on your posture

Slouching is a big no-no! Not only does it permanently ruin your posture, but it also causes back issues. So sit upright, with your back against a hard surface if you’re going to be in a specific position for hours. If you feel uncomfortable, get a cushion to support your back. Some individuals opt for physical therapists who fix their alignment and posture.

Woman with a female physiotherapist.
Let the professionals help!

3.      Get a relaxing massage

We all need a massage every now and then. It rids us of the stress and helps us relax. People who often get back massages have reported less back pain than those who don’t. You don’t have to book a fancy spa to get it, you can make your family or friends give it to you. However, Hakeem recommends treating yourself to a good massage once a month by a professional. Some people also find massaging chairs to be a good option!

Man getting physical therapy to cure back pain.
Some people have magical fingers!

Hakeem Fact: Massaging boosts endorphins which are pain relievers produced by our bodies!

4.      Maintain a healthy weight

Shed those extra pounds because an uneven body is more prone to having back problems. Visit a good nutritionist for a personalized meal plan based on your bodily requirements. If you need help losing weight fast and in a healthy manner, click here.

Photo showing a healthy lifestyle.
A healthy diet = a healthy life!

5.      Exercise

If you already exercise, make sure that those weights aren’t the problem! Do not train aggressively without supervision and a balanced diet to go with it. And if you don’t exercise, involve some physical activity in your daily routine to get those muscles moving.

Asian woman in a scarf jogging happily.
A ten minute jog goes a long way!

Remember, if your back pain does not improve with the above-given self-care tips, and you experience one or more of the following symptoms, it is important to consult a specialist if the pain:

·         Causes fever

·         Gets worse overtime

·         Impacts the movement of other parts of the body

·         Causes numbness in the legs

·         Has resulted in unexplained weight loss

·         Loss of sensation

Going to a doctor will rule out the possibility of chronic back pain, internal injuries and other spine-related problems that may require additional treatment.

Hakeem Fact: Do you know that chiropractors use hands-on spinal manipulation and other therapeutic treatments that treat the body’s musculoskeletal structure? The procedure involves no medication and surgery! You can book an appointment with U.A.E’s best chiropractors here.


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5 Hacks to Get Rid of Back Pain
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