Self-Care Tips during the Lockdown

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The global coronavirus crisis seems to be rapidly growing, infecting and killing millions worldwide. The UAE has 1000+ cases with 10 dead and the number is anticipated to multiply. With little hope, the mental health of many had been impacted. Understanding that not everyone will be able to deal with the situation well, The National Program for Happiness and Wellbeing, UAE has launched a national campaign for mental support. The daily sessions are aimed to provide comfort to those affected, answer questions and deal with problems one day at a time. The tips and guidance are to be provided by specialized psychologists and mental health experts. Individuals can be a part of virtual video support groups and watch self-improvement videos on social media channels.

In this time of difficulty and stress, it’s important to look after yourself both mentally and physically. Here are some tips from doctors to lead a healthy life amidst the coronavirus outbreak:

1.      Have some Me-Time

With the family under one roof, your responsibilities must have increased tenfold. There are children to homeschool and feed, siblings to look out for, a relationship with the partner to maintain, and even if you’re alone, there’s working remotely without any of the previous life’s activities to balance out the routine. It’s easy to get overwhelmed. Remember, you should have a specific time only to yourself, away from everyone to relax, unwind, think or even just catch up on some beauty sleep. This time will allow you to recharge and prepare for the day ahead.

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2.      Choose the healthier option

Because of the stress and work, you can get inclined towards the ‘easy’, ‘simpler’ or ‘tastier’ habits which might seem alright for now but can be very harmful in the long term. For example, skipping sleep to binge-watch shows, missing exercise because of a lazy routine, eating junk food because of anxiety, letting the children loose with extra screen time, etc. The list goes on. The time might be challenging, but know that it is temporary. You need to be strong and not let the happenings get the better of you. Choosing healthy options will not only make you feel better, but your body will start to function better too!

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3.      Connect with happiness

We all have different ‘happy sources’. Things we do which make us laugh, content and fill us with joy. It can be reading a book, a long bath, a hobby or even a stroll in the park. This is the perfect time to ‘connect with happiness’ and start doing things you always wanted to do. According to The National, Huda Kattan, a world-famous owner of the Huda brand, shared ‘positive content related to happiness and togetherness’ with millions of her followers. The Emirati singer Balqees Fathi has been encouraging UAE fans to stay home, stay happy and stay fit. She has been spending time working out.Start that influencing page, knit that sweater, learn that course and pick up the whipping spoon- we’re in this together!

4.      Be realistic

We don’t know how and when the coronavirus will end. Even if we get out of it soon, the aftermath of what has happened, will not let us return to normal. Other than economical and financial aspects, other things in life will also need some adjustments. It is time to accept the change and go with it. Know that you’re not alone in this crisis. Everyone has been impacted, but the important part is that we’ll come out of it stronger.

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5.      Always have a routine

Being organized is key. Eat on time, sleep on time and work on time. Having a routine will help you juggle parenthood, work-life and personal life without stress. In this routine, don’t forget to pamper yourself. You might be quarantined in your house, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear your favorite dress or carry on your skin-care routine.

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6.      Know that exercise is the way to go

30 minutes of physical activity is crucial. It can be brisk walking, playing ball with your kids or just a walk with your partner early in the morning. Not only will it help boost your metabolism, improve your mental health, make your thought and decision making process better but it will serve as a great kick start to the day.

7.      Socially distance but don’t disconnect

Yes, you cannot meet your friends and set dinners for your relatives but, that doesn’t mean that you stop talking, communicating and interacting with them virtually. Earlier, the ban on VoIP apps in the UAE was lifted, making communication for work, education and entertainment purposes easier. Keep in touch, and catch up with everyone. Now’s the time to come together more than ever.


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Self-Care Tips during the Lockdown
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