7 Things You Need to Know about Invisalign

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If you are looking for a way to straighten or correct your teeth, there is a chance that you might have heard of Invisalign. In case you haven’t, here is a quick overview for you to understand what Invisalign is.

Invisalign is an innovative set of clear plastic aligners, which allow patients to straighten their teeth, achieving guaranteed results over a set period of time. Clear aligners are an incredibly popular alternative to fixed metal braces as they have minimal interference in your day-to-day life! They are almost invisible in appearance, removable (for eating and drinking) and they offer improved comfort and guaranteed/predicted results.

With this in mind, if you are considering Invisalign here are 7 things you need to know before starting treatment.

Invisalign can treat a wide range of orthodontic issues

Invisalign isn’t just for straightening crooked teeth. The clear aligners can be used to treat a variety of issues including, under and overbites, gaped teeth and crowding.

Invisalign treat orthodontic issues
Get that perfect smile with Invisalign!

Not everyone uses the same number of aligners

Every case of Invisalign is different. Every Invisalign patient receives a unique number of aligners, which is dictated by the current position of their teeth and the desired position at the end of treatment. As a result of this, treatment time also varies from patient to patient.

Smiling woman at the dentist's clinic.
Each patient is treated differently!

Have you ever wondered how some of your favorite celebrities got that perfect Hollywood smile? Well for a number of them the answer is Invisalign! Household names such as Justin Bieber, Kourtney Kardashian, Kevin Hart, Tom Cruise, and Serena Williams have all undergone Invisalign treatment and are now reaping the benefits of a straighter, healthier smile!

Invisalign celebrities
Don't we all want that smile?

Invisalign is perfect for adults

Although orthodontic treatment is commonly associated with teenagers, Invisalign is perfectly suitable for adults. For most adults, the thought of having metal braces attached to their teeth for the best part of two years (and sometimes even longer!) is very off-putting. Invisalign’s almost invisible braces are perfect for both the workplace and social situations, as they allow you to discreetly straighten your teeth without drawing any additional attention.

Invisalign for adults
It's never to late to get that flawless grin!

Invisalign can help you improve your diet

Although Invisalign is removable, for the best results it’s recommended that you leave your aligners in for as much of the day as possible, with most patients only removing them for eating (and drinking anything other than water). So, say goodbye to mid-morning munches and afternoon snacks as meals will need to be planned more strategically! Some patients have even noted that Invisalign has helped them lose weight as a consequence of less snacking!

Healthy food that helps you reduce in inches.
With great teeth, losing weight is an add-on!

Invisalign isn’t completely painless

Although Invisalign offers much more comfort when compared to fixed braces, the journey to a straighter smile isn’t completely pain-free. At the start of your treatment, you may find that your teeth ache and you may experience some discomfort, however, this is all normal. After the first few days, this pain should subside.

Woman having difficulty in eating ice-cream.
The pain is temporary, trust us!

Invisalign has treated over 5.2 million patients

You’re not alone in your Invisalign journey! Invisalign has helped to improve the smiles of millions of people around the world and in 2017, the company was producing over 280,000 aligners per day! If you needed any more proof about the reliability and success of Invisalign technology, then look no further!

So now you know a bit more about Invisalign, are you ready to get the smile you’ve always wanted? Take the next steps towards your perfect smile by booking your consultation with one of the top British dentists in Dubai.


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7 Things You Need to Know about Invisalign
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