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We’ve all seen it happen: one family member gets down with a cold and slowly everyone in the family gets it. Now that contagious viruses such as the novel coronavirus (with symptoms similar to those of the common flu!) has taken the lives of many, it is important to learn how to not pass your infection on to your loved ones.

Here are smart hacks to flu-proof your home:

1.      Get vaccination

This is probably the most important and best way to protect yourself from the flu. Get the flu-shot every six months. Get vaccinated for seasonal occurrences as well. If you are allergic to a vaccine or you’ve had a reaction after getting a shot earlier, you can consult a doctor for a substitute. Don’t be afraid, it’s better to tolerate a prick and build immunity than taking days off and sitting in bed with a runny nose, sore throat and watery eyes. Like Hakeem says, prevention is the best protection.

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2.      Wash your hands

As simple as it sounds, it is estimated that around 40% of people wipe their hands with wet wipes or tissues after touching a dirty place or before and after having a meal rather than washing them. Most of the time, the virus enters us through our hands touching our mouth, nose, and eyes. Wash your hands with medicated soap several times throughout the day and keep them away from your face. If you’re usually on the go, you can carry a hand-sanitizer but it’s not an alternative for hand washing.

3.      Stay away from crowded places

If you’re down with symptoms such as headache and you feel under the weather, stay indoors. By going out and socializing, you’re exposing others to the possibility of getting your flu. Similarly, keep your distance from your family members too until you feel better.

Sick husband and wife covered in tissues.
The tissue always go in the dustbin as soon as you're done using it!

Hakeem Tip: When down with the cold, don’t keep that tower of stacked tissues next to you! The virus can easily spread through tissues. Dispose them off.

4.      Stay away from sick people

When a family member or someone you know is sick, avoid physical contact. Of course, help them in times of need but make sure to not share towels, clothes, utensils, toys and even sleep in the same room. Better safe than sorry!

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5.      Make disinfection a surety

Cleanliness is a virtue. Germs can last on kitchen shelves, clothes, floor and household appliances for hours. Disinfect your home and surroundings. For some people, regular cleaning can be exhausting and stressful. Take it one day at a time and start with the most crowded rooms. If you clean all the time and have an unnecessary fear of germs, you may have OCD.

6.      Cover your sneezes and cough

It is advised to sneeze on your shoulder rather than on your hands. The probability of spreading germs and falling sick yourself decreases. If you carry a napkin, wash it on a regular basis. Most doctors advise having a ‘sick room’. This is for the family member who is sick. No one goes into the room for leisure or work to avoid getting contaminated.

7.      Stay hydrated

Drinking plenty of water will not only make your skin radiant and supple, but it will help you recover faster. You can also opt for fresh juice and soup.

Stressed man working with a flu.
A warm cup of green tea goes a long way but you also need your rest!

8.      Eat well

Like they say, you are what you eat. A healthy homemade meal will keep you in your best health. Street food and restaurant meals are good occasionally, but since the hygiene of the maker and the place are mostly unknown, homemade food is always a better choice. But of course, by homemade meals, we don’t mean excessive Nutella on toast or a plate of fried chips drenching in oil! Make smart food choices. Have a nutritionist make a meal plan for you based solely on your body’s unique needs!

With these 8 tips, not only will you be able to prevent illness, but if you do get the flu, you’ll know how not to pass it on to your loved ones!

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