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Your body needs more than just a good evening meal. It needs spiritual peace, physical fitness, and great immunity to ward off sickness and negativity. If you’re healthy from the inside, chances are that you’ll be healthy from the outside too. Mental health matters just as much as a body in good shape. Similarly, in order to add years to your life and live in the best manner possible, there are some habits that should be embedded in your daily schedule. We studied the life of healthy people around us; those who were rarely depressed, hardly fell sick and were leading a happy life. Here are the habits we found common in all of them:

1.      They do not compromise on sleep

A successful human needs sleep. It’s the body’s way of resting and resetting itself to perform well the next day. Lack of sleep results in poor health and is an invitation to various illnesses. 7-9 hours is the adequate amount of sleep an adult requires. If you suffer from insomnia or any other sleeping disorder that prevents a peaceful slumber, consult a specialist now.

2.      They have a medium to channel their energy

Stress is inevitable but stress management is not. Healthy people know that life is a roller coaster of emotions and that aggression, anger, and tension needs to leave the body before it turns into anxiety, depression and illness. They always have a hobby, a past time, or a day off during which they allow themselves to unwind. Some opt for painting, writing, chess, and a meet up with friends, whilst others trust therapy to filter their thoughts. Either way, they have something in their life to channel their energy in.

3.      They have a purpose in life

A purpose offers a sense of direction and shapes one’s way of living. The person starts to slowly work towards the set goal by achieving small-term objectives. The key to understanding life is to understand yourself first. Let a specialist counsel your thoughts and help make it easy for you to embark on a purposeful journey.

Woman taking a selfie with her friends at the beach.
If your mind is in a happy state, you'll spread joy.

4.      They follow a meal plan

They always have their meals planned. They don’t decide right at that time and they certainly don’t let their stomach growl and starve. They don’t even over-feed it. So what is that they do? They have certified nutritionists and dietitians make them personalized meal plans based on their unique bodily needs which helps them gain, lose or maintain weight.

5.      They get regular check-ups done

They know that there are things that are apparent like acne and joint pain and inner issues that aren’t. To make sure that their body is in its best shape, they visit the dentist and their family specialist after specified intervals. This rules out the possibility of any illness happening. Of course, there’s always the probability of catching the occasional flu or getting a scrape but they make sure that they rest it out and seek treatment by booking an appointment online as soon as possible.

6.      They never skip breakfast

Be it a banana with half a glass of milk, a fruit bowl or a heavy egg and cheese sandwich, always have something to eat early in the morning. By having breakfast, you actually break your fast. You eat after your body has rested and now it needs its fuel. Having breakfast has countless benefits including it kick-starting your metabolism, aiding in weight loss and improving your energy levels.

American family smiling under the sun.
To make sure that your family always keeps smiling, don't miss your regular checkups!

7.      They have thirty minutes of physical activity daily

They know that their body is a machine they need to keep in good shape. They always take out time for it by exercising for thirty minutes every day. They opt for sports, help around the house, or even brisk walk.

Now that you know the habits of a healthy person, it’s time to include all seven in your life.


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7 Habits of a Healthy Person | Hakeem Dubai
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