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It is estimated that every month a certain percentage of the population decides to go dairy and meat-free. They consider going vegan and whilst some revert back, many opt for this lifestyle. If you’re considering it, understand that a plant-based diet is restrictive and sticking to it is hard. Lucky for you, before you dive in, here’s an in-depth review of what would happen if you eat vegan for a week.

1.      Your weight changes – for the better or for the worse

Whilst most people shed off the extra pounds, some gain weight. This is because at the start people do not feel full or satisfied with their diet and they indulge in vegan junk food and other sugary treats to keep them from having meat and dairy. The best way to stay on track and maintain your weight (or lose it) is to get your personalized diet plan made by a dietitian.

Vegan friends enjoying their food.
Be a part of the vegan community!

2.      You feel more energetic

A healthier diet with no blood sugar spikes will help you sleep better and feel more energetic throughout the day. However, this change occurs after several weeks and initially, the plan-based diet can make you feel drowsy. But of course, this state isn’t permanent. It’s just your body adjusting to the diet.

3.      Your skin starts to glow

The goodness of being a vegan brings about great changes for your skin. People get rid of their acne, feel their skin smooth out and develop a natural radiance. If you feel that even with healthy eating your skin breaks out, consult a dermatologist.

4.      You can suffer from nutritional imbalances

Since the diet is restrictive, lacking vitamin B and calcium is common in the body. Your body needs its vitamins and so many doctors recommend taking supplements.

5.      Your taste buds change

You’ll feel that your taste buds have become more sensitive. You’ll be able to enjoy the delights and you might not even crave for sugary items anymore.

6.      You lower your risk of heart disease

According to research, eating beans and leafy greens reduces the risk of heart disease by 25%. Since you won’t be having any fatty meat, your cholesterol level will be low as well. A plant-based diet is a win-win!

Chickpea vegan tortillas.
Vegan food isn't boring!

Hakeem’s Tips on becoming vegan:

·         Go easy on yourself. A slow transition is easier. Not all people can turn to veganism overnight.

·         Start with your favorite dishes so that you don’t crave meat and dairy and also because food that doesn’t interest you can lead you to binge eat vegan junk food.

·         Be creative! There are so many options out there. It’s 2020 and the world is full of alternatives for vegans. (I’m eating vegan ice-cream as I type this!)

·         Make friends with vegan people so that you can be on this journey together.

·         Do your homework. Make sure that your body doesn’t suffer and that the diet doesn’t impact any conditions that you might have. Thoroughly get checked up by a specialist before.


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What Happens if You Eat Vegan for a Week | Hakeem Dubai
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