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Do you know that sugar is more addictive than cocaine? Yes, as odd as it sounds, it’s true and people around the world slowly poison their bodies with sweet without even knowing it. We understand – it’s hard to say no to that double chocolate cupcake or that can of coke and you may think that those are the only threatening treats. But, there are edibles you consume with a similar amount of sugar every day such as ketchup, sports drinks, granola bars, flavored coffee, iced-tea, cereal bars, canned beans, etc. Sugar is all around us and whilst it difficult to pull away, it should only be enjoyed in moderation.

Ever wondered what it would be like if you stopped feeding your body sugar? We tried the no-sugar challenge where for one week, our team was completely off sugary food. Here is what starts to happen when you quit sugar:

1.      You experience the withdrawal symptoms

It’s like letting go of a drug. You get irritated when you force yourself to brush off the cravings. You feel tired, sleepy and get uncalled for mood swings. Some people in our team who had a sweet tooth even suffered from mild headaches.

2.      Your skin starts to change

After a specific time, the inflammation that sugar causes, leaves your body and you start to notice the visible changes. Your skin appears more radiant, smooth and hydrated. You breakout less often and you improve your complexion.

3.      You start to sleep better

Whilst this change doesn’t happen overnight and the difference starts to appear after a week, it’s always there. You sleep like the princess sleeping beauty – better than ever before. A team member who suffered from insomnia felt that not only could he sleep an adequate amount, it took him less than 10 minutes to drift off.

American doctor inspecting junk food.
A great way to reduce sugar is to inspect your food and search the amount of sugar it contains before consuming it!

4.      You lose weight

This change too, is gradual but it’s there and you feel the inches dropping off your waist. Sugar doesn’t necessarily make you fat unless consumed in high amounts but letting go of it, allows your body to burn the stored fat. If you want to rapidly lose weight, click here.

5.      You feel more productive

Once you’ve overcome the withdrawal symptoms, your body starts to function without sugar and life becomes better. Your retention power increases which means that you can understand and remember better, and you end up being more productive throughout the day.

6.      You feel happier and you look younger

A well-known nutritionist sites that we think that having a cookie makes us feel better but in all honesty, sugar causes more depression. Once you no longer crave sugar, you start to feel more content and happy. Sugar is known to cause wrinkles so no sugar equals a younger-looking you.

7.      You improve your breath and your smile

Sugar causes cavities and toothaches and other than feeding you, it also feeds the bacteria that cause bad breath. Once sugar is out of your diet, your pearly whites will look better, and your breath will smell better!

Woman kicking away donuts.
It'll be hard at first but then, you'll get the hang of it!

8.      Your sex life improves

In men, excessive intake of sugar leads to a lower drive for sex which complicates relationships. The culprit also weakens the female hormonal system, causing hair thinning and irregular periods in women which again, is a dent on one’s relationship. When you eliminate sugar, you improve your sex life.

Hakeem’s Tips to start the no sugar journey:

·         Quit cold turkey.

·         Have meals that include protein.

·         Drink more water.

·         Exercise

·         Avoid artificial sweeteners

·         Don’t be too hard on yourself if you mess up.

Now that you know what quitting sugar does to your body and how to quit it, let’s make 2020 a year of no sugar!


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What Happens When You Quit Sugar for a Week? | Hakeem Dubai
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