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You’re planning a baby and we’re so delighted for you! A tiny munchkin being prepared in your belly is no less than a miracle. And according to us, babies make the world go round. If it weren’t for these adorable creatures, would cuteness even exist?

Do you know that you don’t have to wait until you’re pregnant to start eating the right food? You can start nourishing your body with healthy edibles to get it ready for the baby-making process. Moreover, there are some foods that can help you conceive.

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Quotations by moms on pregnancy.

Here are some fertility boosting foods that can help you get pregnant faster:

1.      Ice Cream

Surprised? We were too! According to research, a scoop or two of this dairy treat can help eliminate ovarian disorders and help increase chances of pregnancy. Now, you have an excuse to have your favorite dessert. The scientists say that other full cream products such as milk can significantly improve one’s chance of conceiving too. So get that pint out of the freezer and start munching on it!

Woman holding pistachio ice-cream in the park.
We all scream for ice cream!

Hakeem’s Tip: If you suffer from obesity or you’re trying to maintain your weight, you can go for simple flavors without rich chocolate chip, mint, caramel, and other fillings. And it’s 2019, we’ve even got vegan ice-cream!

2.      Fruits and Vegetables

Go haywire with fruit and veggie shopping! Make smoothies with your favorite fruits because you know that milk is already great for you. You can replace sugar with honey if you’ve got a sweet tooth. Fruit bowls make such a delicious and colorful breakfast. You can add unsweetened yogurt and chia seeds to make the bowl even healthier. Pile your lunch and dinner plate with lots of leafy veggies. If you don’t like them simple, sauté them with salt and pepper. One can never go wrong with salads.

Smiling woman having a fruit bowl for breakfast.
A healthy breakfast is a great start to the day!

Hakeem’s Note: Did you know that leafy green veggies help with healthier sperm production? So they’re great for you and your partner!

3.      Complex Carbs such as Whole Wheat Bread

Instead of white rice, have brown rice and instead of white bread, have multigrain or brown bread. You see, the first options get turned into blood sugar and women with high blood sugar are less likely to get pregnant. Complex carbs also keep you fuller for a longer period!

Brown sticky rice served in a bowl.
The Chinese women love their sticky rice!

4.      Beans

Beans have known to increase fertility in women. They are a great source of iron. Women with a lack of iron have unhealthy eggs. It’s time to make beans a part of your daily diet!

Tomato bean soup.
Beans can be eaten so many ways!

5.      Olive Oil

Not specifically food, but since you will be needing oil to prepare your dishes, switch to olive oil. Not only does it prevent strokes and heart diseases, but it also reduces inflammation which interferes with ovulation. It also reduces the risk for Type II diabetes, the cause of many other diseases such as loss of vision, kidney disease, and skin infections.

Woman drizzling olive oil on her salad.
Hakeem’s Tip: You can also drizzle olive oil on your salads to add to the taste!

6.      Salmon

This fish is a baby-boosting snack. It is rich in omega-3 fatty acids which helps stabilize hormone production in the body. So on your next night out, order salmon on the menu!

Grilled salmon with white sauce and veggies.
My stomach's grumbling!

What you eat today will impact the sperm and egg quality 90 days after. Whilst these foods will help you in getting pregnant, it is important to get yourself checked by a specialist to rule out the possibility of PCOS, hormone disorders and any other complications which may be preventing the pregnancy.

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What to Consume when you’re trying to Conceive | The Pregnancy Diet
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